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Intrada has announced two very different releases this week -- a greatly expanded version of Jerry Goldsmith's score for writer-director Stephen Sommers' hugely entertaining, guilty pleasure monster movie DEEP RISING, about a group of thieves who board a cruise ship only to discover the passengers have been massacred by an undersea beast; and THE TWELVE CHORUSES, a new recording of choral pieces composed by Miklos Rozsa, based largely on his classic scores for Ben-Hur and King of Kings.

The next release from Kritzerland features the surviving score tracks from one of the most beloved films of all time, Frank Capra's 1947 classic IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE, scored by Dimitri Tiomkin (a re-recording of the score was released in the late 1980s, conducted by David Newman).

On August 5, Varese Sarabande will release Brian Tyler's score to the upcoming tornado disaster film INTO THE STORM.

This September, Ireland’s Pulse College will offer a one year’s Masters Degree program in Scoring for Film and Visual Media, with tutors including composers Conrad Pope and Richard Bellis. To help launch the course, they will be hosting a live Q&A event next Monday, June 16th, with a panel of experts covering several topics including Career Paths for Composers of Film/Visual Media.


Deep Rising - Jerry Goldsmith - Intrada Special Collection
Escape Plan - Alex Heffes - BFD
Golden Needles
- Lalo Schifrin - Music Box
Hidden Moon - Luis Bacalov - Varese Sarabande
I Crudeli
- Ennio Morricone - GDM
La Betia Ovvero In Amore Per Ogni Gaudenza Ci Vuole Sofferenza
- Carlo Rustichelli - GDM
Lock Up - Bill Conti - Varese Sarabande Vintage
Nella Stretta Morsa Del Ragno/Non SI Sevizia Un Paperino
- Riz Ortolani - Hexacord
No Down Payment/The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker
- Leigh Harline - Kritzerland
- David Shire - Kritzerland
The Twelve Choruses - Miklos Rozsa - Intrada Excalibur Collection


Before You Know It - Jimmy Lavalle
Dormant Beauty - Carlo Crivelli
Elena - Fil Pinheir
Heli - Lasse Marhaug
How to Train Your Dragon 2
 - John Powell - Score CD due June 17 on Relativity Music
I Am I - Samuel Jones, Alexis Marsh
Ivory Tower - Ian Hultquist
Lullaby - Patrick Leonard
The Rover - Antony Partos
The Sacrament - Tyler Bates - Score CD on Milan
The Signal 
 - Nima Fakhrara - Score CD due June 17 on Varese Sarabande
Test - Ceiri Torjusson
22 Jump Street - Mark Mothersbaugh - Song CD due June 24 on Casablanca
The World Famous Kid Detective - Margit Eichler


June 17
House of Cards: Season Two 
- Jeff Beal - Varese Sarabande
How to Train Your Dragon 2
- John Powell - Relativity Music
The Signal
- Nima Fakhrara - Varese Sarabande
June 24
The Addams Family - Marc Shaiman - La-La Land
Empire of the Sun - John Williams - La-La Land
The Lion King (expanded) - Hans Zimmer - Disney
July 1
Fargo - Jeff Russo - Sony
Game of Thrones: Season 4 - Ramin Djawadi - Watertower
Tarzan - David Newman - Milan
July 8
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - Michael Giacchino - Sony
The Fault in Our Stars - Mike Mogis, Nate Walcott - Atlantic
In Your Eyes - Tony Morales - Lakeshore
Sabotage - David Sardy - BFD
July 15
Planes: Fire and Rescue - Mark Mancina - Disney
July 22
Broken City - Atticus Ross, Claudia Sarne, Leopold Ross - BFD
The Host - Antonio Pinto - BFD
Snowpiercer - Marco Beltrami - Varese Sarabande
2 Guns - Clinton Shorter - BFD
August 5
Into the Storm - Brian Tyler - Varese Sarabande
Date Unknown
A Dio Piacendo
 - Marco Werba - Intermezzo 
Basta Guardarla
- Franco Pisano - Beat
Bates Motel - Chris Bacon - Varese Sarabande
Danger Diabolik/For a Few Dollars More (re-recording)
- Ennio Morricone - Intermezzo
Ennio Morricone: The Dollars Trilogy (re-recording)
- Ennio Morricone - Intermezzo
The Film Music of Nino Rota: The Fellini Movies/The Godfather Trilogy (re-recording)
- Intermezzo
The Fourth Protocol
- Lalo Schfirin - Buysoundtrax
Grand Piano - Victor Reyes - MovieScore Media/Kronos
Isabella: Duchessa Dei Diavoli
- Sante Maria Romitelli - Kronos
It's a Wonderful Life - Dimitri Tiomkin - Kritzerland
La Cieca Di Sorrento
- Carlo Savina - Kronos
La Citta' Ideale
- Andrea Rocca - Beat
La Monaca Di Monza/La Califfa
- Ennio Morricone Quartet
Le Cose Che Restano
- Marco Betta - Beat
Moj Nikifor
- Bartek Gliniak - MovieScore Media/Kronos
Quentin Tarantino Unchained Music: The Complete Ennio Morricone Scores (re-recording)
- Ennio Morricone - Intermezzo
Red Krokodil
- Alexander Cimini - Kronos
The Reluctant Saint
- Nino Rota - Saimel
The River Murders
- Pinar Toprak - Caldera
The Thomas Crown Affair
- Michel Legrand - Quartet
Three Days (of Hamlet) 
- Jonathan Beard - Buysoundtrax
To-Day's Sound
- Piero Umiliani - Beat
- Christoph Zimbigl - MovieScore Media/Kronos
The Two Faces of January
- Alberto Iglesias - Quartet
Vulcano Figlio Di Giove
- Marcello Giombini - Kronos
The White Queen
- John Lunn - Silva


June 13 - Andre Previn begins recording his score for The Fortune Cookie (1966)
June 13 - Bruce Broughton begins recording his score for Last Rites (1988)
June 14 - Stanley Black born (1913)
June 14 - Cy Coleman born (1929)
June 14 - Marcus Miller born (1959)
June 14 - Doug Timm born (1960)
June 14 - John Williams begins recording his replacement score for The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing (1973)
June 14 - David Newman records his score for Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey (1991)
June 14 - Henry Mancini died (1994)
June 15 - Robert Russell Bennett born (1894)
June 15 - Harry Nilsson born (1941)
June 15 - Meredith Willson died (1984)
June 15 - Manos Hadjidakis died (1994)
June 16 - Fred Karlin born (1936)
June 16 - Miklos Rozsa begins recording his additional music for Beau Brummell (1954)
June 16 - Jerry Goldsmith begins recording his score to Justine (1969)
June 17 - Jerry Fielding born (1922)
June 17 - Martin Boettcher born (1927)
June 17 - Dominic Frontiere born (1931)
June 17 - Barry Manilow born (1943)
June 17 - George S. Clinton born (1947)
June 17 - Alfred Newman begins recording his score to How to Marry a Millionaire (1953)
June 17 - Paul Giovanni died (1990)
June 18 - Paul McCartney born (1942)
June 18 - Bernard Herrmann begins recording his score to Blue Denim (1959)
June 18 - Frederick Hollander died (1976)
June 19 - Johnny Douglas born (1920)
June 19 - Bruce Broughton records his score for the Amazing Stories episode "Mr. Magic" (1985)


THE CASE AGAINST 8 - Blake Neely

"With its action taking place primarily in the beige-walled, wood-accented environs of legal offices and courthouses, 'The Case Against 8' compensates for its visual blandness with good old-fashioned storytelling (and an occasionally obtrusive, blatantly heartstring-pulling score)."

Genevieve Koski, The Dissolve

"Assembly is pro if a bit blah, and overly dependent on studio-shot talking heads. Blake Neely’s score strikes a generic inspirational tenor."

Dennis Harvey, Variety

THE FAULT IN OUR STARS - Mike Mogis, Nate Walcott

"The settings are all-purpose suburban, and often cozier than you’d expect from the book. Setting the couple’s text messages on screen in word balloons infects even witty digital dialogue with a terminal case of the cutes (especially when the balloons disappear like twinkling stars). How can Boone include a dig at Peter Gabriel when he engages his own composers, Mike Mogis and Nathaniel Walcott (of the indie-rock band Bright Eyes), to pile pseudo-poignant feelings onto his movie’s touchy-feely montages and travelogues?"

Michael Sragow, Orange County Register

"Nuance isn't part of the production's program. The director, Josh Boone, goes for maximum emotional impact most of the time, and usually gets what he's after. (The music, by Mike Mogis and Nate Walcott, should come under the campaign to outlaw large, sugary drinks.)"

Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal

"But for every subtle observation about life with cancer or being in love as a teen, there's an over-the-top moment or some ridiculously manufactured development that destroys the authenticity Boone is trying to create. This is felt most strongly in a subplot where Hazel and Gus go to Amsterdam to visit a reclusive author (Willem Dafoe) they both admire, resulting in a series of scenes that are so patently false and so obviously designed to sow the seeds for later emotional crescendos that you feel mugged and betrayed. (And this isn't even mentioning the Bon Iver-channeling score by Bright Eyes members Mike Mogis and Nathaniel Walcott that lets us know when we need to be feeling things at every moment.)"

Tim Grierson, Deadspin

"Boone’s appropriately light touch emphasizes the underlying literary material, foregrounding the performances with occasional underplayed visual humor and reserving stylistic nuance for more contemplative scenes, attractively framed by cinematographer Ben Richardson. Mike Mogis and Nate Walcott’s score somewhat literally underlines the overly insistent, folky-leaning soundtrack selections from the likes of Tom Odell, Lykke Li and Ray LaMontagne."

Justin Lowe, Hollywood Reporter

FILTH - Clint Mansell

"In effective contrast to the bleak goings-on, the technical contributions are positively zesty. Matthew Jensen’s bright, restless lensing opts only for exaggerated graininess during a grimy lads’ weekend in Hamburg; Clint Mansell’s typically ambient scoring often cedes the spotlight to knowingly tacky pop selections on the soundtrack. Costume designer Guy Speranza evidently had fun kitting McAvoy out in a peacockish range of clashing shirt-and-tie combinations -- like much else in 'Filth,' all in the best bad taste."

Guy Lodge, Variety


Screenings of older films, at the following L.A. movie theaters: AMPASAmerican Cinematheque: AeroAmerican Cinematheque: EgyptianArclightLACMANew BeverlyNuartSilent Movie Theater and UCLA.

June 13
FELLINI SATYRICON (Nino Rota), FELLINI'S ROMA (Nino Rota) [New Beverly]
FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VI: JASON LIVES (Harry Manfredini), FRIDAY THE 13TH PART V: A NEW BEGINNING (Harry Manfredini), FRIDAY THE 13TH PART IV: THE FINAL CHAPTER (Harry Manfredini) [Silent Movie Theater]
THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY (Francis Monkman), MONA LISA (Michael Kamen) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]

June 14
FELLINI SATYRICON (Nino Rota), FELLINI'S ROMA (Nino Rota) [New Beverly]
THE GODFATHER (Nino Rota) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
HARD TO KILL (David Michael Frank), UNDER SIEGE 2: DARK TERRITORY (Basil Poledouris), OUT FOR JUSTICE (David Michael Frank), ON DEADLY GROUND (Basil Poledouris) [Silent Movie Theater]

June 15
THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN (Franz Waxman), TOM SAWYER (Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman, John Williams)
DR. NO (Monty Norman), GOLDFINGER (John Barry)[Cinematheque: Aero]
THE GODFATHER PART II (Nino Rota, Carmine Coppola) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
IMAGES (John Williams), THAT COLD DAY IN THE PARK (Johnny Mandel) [UCLA]

June 16
THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN (Franz Waxman), TOM SAWYER (Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman, John Williams)
FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE (John Barry) [Arclight Hollywood]

June 17
HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE (John Williams) [Arclight Sherman Oaks]
PHARAOH (Adam Walacinski) [LACMA/AMPAS]
REMOTE CONTROL (Peter Bernstein) [New Beverly]

June 18
BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II (Alan Silvestri) [Arclight Hollywood]
CHINATOWN (Jerry Goldsmith) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
STOP MAKING SENSE (David Byrne) [New Beverly]

June 19
STOP MAKING SENSE (David Byrne) [New Beverly]

June 20
AKIRA (Shoji Yamashiro) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
HEAVENLY CREATURES (Peter Dasent), STAND BY ME (Jack Nitzsche) [Cinematheque: Aero]
PUMP UP THE VOLUME (Cliff Martinez) [Silent Movie Theater]
SOME LIKE IT HOT (Adolph Deutsch) [Nuart]
STOP MAKING SENSE (David Byrne) [New Beverly]

June 21
BRICK (Nathan Johnson), THE CHOCOLATE WAR [Cinematheque: Aero]
WEST BEIRUT (Stewart Copeland) [LACMA/AMPAS]
STOP MAKING SENSE (David Byrne) [New Beverly]

June 22
BROTHER TO BROTHER (Marc Anthony Thompson) [UCLA]
DANTE'S INFERNO [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
THE KARATE KID (Bill Conti), THE KARATE KID PART II (Bill Conti) [New Beverly]
YOUNG ADULT (Rolfe Kent), THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER (Michael Brook) [Cinematheque: Aero]

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