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Intrada has announced two new releases this week -- Maurice Jarre's score for the little-seen sci-fi thriller SOLAR CRISIS, starring Tim Matheson, Charlton Heston, Peter Boyle, Corin Nemec and Jack Palance (the film was directed by Richard C. Sarafian, who ultimately used the DGA's "Alan Smithee" pseudonym on the released film); and a two-disc release of Sol Kaplan's score for the 1966 drama JUDITH, starring Sophia Loren as a concentration camp survivor trying to track down the man who betrayed her. The set features both the original score tracks and the LP re-recording.


- Maurice Jarre - Buysoundtrax
Cold in July - Jeff Grace - Milan
Dan Curtis' Dracula
 - Robert Cobert - Varese Sarabande
Das Drei? Das Verfluchte Schloss
 - Annette Focks - Alhambra
- Alexandre Desplat - Watertower
Judith - Sol Kaplan - Intrada Special Collection
La Ragazza Dal Pigiama Giallo
- Riz Ortolani - Quartet
Le Dernier Amant Romantique/Capitaine X
- Pierre Bachelet - Music Box
Le Marginal
- Ennio Morricone - Music Box
Le Professionel - Ennio Morricone - Music Box
Lone Survivor - Steve Jablonsky, Explosions in the Sky - River Road
Mac and Me
- Alan Silvestri - Quartet
Mein Herz in Chile
 - Marius Felix Lange - Alhambra
- Pino Donaggio - Quartet
 - Piero Piccioni - GDM
Solar Crisis - Maurice Jarre - Intrada Special Collection
Walking with Dinosaurs - Paul Leonard-Morgan - River Road
Wilde Wellen
 - Karim Sebastian Elias - Alhambra
Wolf Creek 2 - Johnny Klimek - Lakeshore [CD-R]


Chinese Puzzle - Loic Dury, Christophe Minck - Soundtrack CD Casse Tete Chinois on Believe (import)
Don Peyote - Ben Lovett
Godzilla - Alexandre Desplat - Score CD on Watertower
Half of a Yellow Sun - Ben Onono, Paul Thomson
The Immigrant - Christopher Spellman
Jeune et Jolie - Philippe Rombi - Soundtrack CD on Cristal (import) with three Rombi cues
Million Dollar Arm - A.R. Rahman - Score CD due May 20 on Disney
A Night in Old Mexico - Emilio Aragon
The Retrieval - Matthew Wiedemann
Wolf Creek 2 - Johnny Klimek - Score CD-R on Lakeshore


May 20
Belle - Rachel Portman - Varese Sarabande
Patrick Cassidy - Varese Sarabande
Million Dollar Arm - A. R. Rahman - Disney
The Peacemaker - Hans Zimmer - La-La Land
Son of Batman - Frederik Wiedmann - La-La Land
May 27
Maleficent - James Newton Howard - Disney
A Million Ways to Die in the West - Joel McNeely - Back Lot
The Railway Man
 - David Hirschfelder - Varese Sarabande
Strike Back - Scott Shields - Varese Sarabande
June 3
Night Moves - Jeff Grace - Milan
X-Men: Days of Future Past 
- John Ottman - Sony
June 10
Hidden Moon - Luis Bacalov - Varese Sarabande
The Signal - Nima Fakhrara - Varese Sarabande
June 17
Bates Motel - Chris Bacon - Varese Sarabande
House of Cards: Season Two 
- Jeff Beal - Varese Sarabande
June 24
The Lion King (expanded) - Hans Zimmer - Disney
July 1
Game of Thrones: Season 4 - Ramin Djawadi - Watertower
Date Unknown
A Dio Piacendo
 - Marco Werba - Intermezzo Media
Anne & Alet
 - Mark R. Candasamy - MovieScore Media/Kronos
Belle Ma Povere
 - Piero Piccioni - Digitmovies
Bianco Rosso E Verdone
 - Ennio Morricone - Beat
- Nicola Piovani - Beat
El Lado Oscuro De La Luz
 - Gus Reyes - MovieScore Media/Kronos
Grand Piano - Victor Reyes - MovieScore Media/Kronos
I Crudeli
- Ennio Morricone - GDM
La Betia Ovvero In Amore Per Ogni Gaudenza Ci Vuole Sofferenza
- Carlo Rustichelli - GDM
Maciste L'Uomo Piu Forte Del Mondo
 - Armando Trovajoli - Digitmovies
The Music of John Barry: The Definitive Collection (re-recordings)
 - John Barry - Silva
Nella Stretta Morsa Del Ragno/Non SI Sevizia Un Paperino
- Riz Ortolani - Hexacord
Paura Nella Citta Del Morti Viventi
 - Fabio Frizzi - Beat
Seven Wonders of the World
- Emil Newman, Jerome Moross, David Raksin - Sepia
Superseven Chiama Cairo
 - Angelo Francesco Lavagnino - Beat
Three Days (of Hamlet) 
- Jonathan Beard - Buysoundtrax
Un Bambino Di Nome Gesu'
- Piero Piccioni - Saimel
Viaggio Sola
 - Gabriele Roberto - Beat
Walk of Shame - John Debney - Lakeshore
The White Queen
- John Lunn - Silva


May 16 - Elmer Bernstein begins recording his score to Hawaii (1966)
May 16 - Alan Silvestri begins recording his score for Back to the Future (1985)
May 17 - Taj Mahal born (1942)
May 17 - Heitor Villa-Lobos died (1959)
May 17 - Ron Grainer begins recording his score for The Omega Man (1971)
May 17 - Hugo Friedhofer died (1981)
May 18 - Meredith Willson born (1902)
May 18 - Rick Wakeman born (1949)
May 18 - Mark Mothersbaugh born (1950)
May 18 - Ron Jones records his score for the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Menage a Troi" (1990)
May 18 - Kevin Gilbert died (1996)
May 18 - Albert Sendrey died (2003)
May 19 - Irving Gertz born (1915)
May 19 - Tom Scott born (1948)
May 19 - Edwin Astley died (1998)
May 20 - Zbigniew Preisner born (1955)
May 20 - Lyn Murray died (1989)
May 21 - Fiorenzo Carpi died (1997)


DEVIL’S KNOT - Mychael Danna

"It's apparent that Egoyan doesn't want to offend anyone by elaborating dramatically on such a well-publicized murder case, and this hypocritical prestige-movie skittishness is more offensive than ordinary sensationalism. The filmmaker trades on the notoriety of real events for the sake of dimly lit, moodily scored thriller portent, but in a gingerly fashion that skirts the grotesquerie of the crimes. We're left with a superficial CliffsNotes encapsulation of moments we've already seen quasi-directly."

Chuck Bowen, Slant Magazine

"'Devil’s Knot' ends after the trial, so this movie is the tale of a Salem-style lynch mob. It’s as preachy as 'The Crucible,' with the score permanently set on 'mournful.'"

Farran Smith Nehme, New York Post

"Making his first fully fledged U.S. production, Egoyan does a sturdy but uninspired job, absent the lyrical atmosphere of 'The Sweet Hereafter,' his own earlier film on the shockwaves radiating out from the death of several small children. Whereas that movie ran thick with a sense of tight-knit communities and the secrets they keep, 'Devil’s Knot' only occasionally feels weightier than a high-end Lifetime original or 'Law & Order' episode. Perhaps because he was concerned about sensationalizing the material, Egoyan overcompensates by keeping the drama on a too-low boil throughout, a mood further enhanced by Mychael Danna’s persistent, trance-like score."

Scott Foundas, Variety

"Tech values are consistently strong, with Mychael Danna's score particularly effective."

John DeFore, Hollywood Reporter

PALO ALTO - Devonte Hynes, Robert Schwartzman

"'Palo Alto' has a contemplative feel of darkness and languor, and the score is woven beautifully into the action. The music feels like an integral part of the mood of the film, as opposed to indie hits being imposed on the narrative from the outside. 'Palo Alto' is not like other, current films about teens, films that ache with hopelessness and alienating nihilism.  'Palo Alto' sees the sweetness that is there, too, struggling to express itself, and to survive."

Sheila O’Malley,

"It's very strong, technically speaking, as well. First time feature DoP Autumn Durald contributes nicely woozy, unshowy visuals, the cutting is organic and intuitive, and there's a terrific indie-synth score by Dev Hynes (Test-Icicles, Lightspeed Champion and Coppola cousin Robert Schwartzman of Rooney), whose mother Talia Shire also contributes a strong cameo. The film's as much about tone as anything, and Coppola does more to capture her characters' listlessness with the filmmaking than you'd think possible for a first timer."

Oliver Lyttleton, The Playlist

"'Palo Alto' drifts. Suffused with gentle trip-hop music and a lot of necessary-dialogue-free scenes of kids just hanging out at parties, you begin to absorb the zeitgeist of the modern teen without the impediments of heavy-handed plotting.

Witney Seibold, Nerdist

"Coppola splits the difference, shooting with a style of candyheart impressionism borrowed from her aunt Sofia -- a layering of sweet synth pop on the soundtrack and close-ups with narrow depth of field -- that offsets any intimations of doom with a smattering of sherbet epiphanies."

Tom Shone, The Guardian

"In 'Palo Alto,' Gia very much takes after the soft aesthetic of Sofia ('The Bling Ring,' ''Somewhere') in presenting a cluster of direction-less California teenagers backed by a mellow, synthesizer-heavy score. 'Palo Alto' is rife with the stylistic clichés established by Gia's aunt and directors like Gus Van Sant. But for a first film, 'Palo Alto' shows promise in its character-first storytelling and its young filmmaker's evident ease with actors. Coppola doesn't force anything on her characters, instead capturing the unthinking momentariness of youth."

Jake Coyle, Associated Press

"Coppola easily slips between the vantage of male and female characters, embracing the same elliptical style seen in 'The Bling Ring' as well as Sofia’s tendency to linger on peripheral details -- childhood toys, a dying plant, a heart carved into the bark of a tree or girlish panties -- for ironic effect. The wall-to-wall music, mostly mellow electronic score with some piano, and striking Steadicam lensing by gifted female d.p. Autumn Durald buffers everything from harsh realism, allowing a slightly dreamlike quality into the proceedings. The incidents depicted could just as easily have taken place 20 years ago as today, if not for the occasional iPhone cameo. While 'Palo Alto' doesn’t seem to be saying anything new exactly, it boasts a clear and confident voice of its own, and it will be exciting to see where the young Coppola goes from here."

Peter Debruge, Variety

REDWOOD HIGHWAY - John Morgan Askew

"John Morgan Askew’s music is bouncy without tilting over into treacly, and aptly used."

Bill Edelstein, Variety


Screenings of older films, at the following L.A. movie theaters: AMPASAmerican Cinematheque: AeroAmerican Cinematheque: EgyptianLACMANew Beverly, NuartSilent Movie Theater and UCLA.

May 16
DEATH SPA (Peter Kaye) [Silent Movie Theater]
LOGAN'S RUN (Jerry Goldsmith), SOYLENT GREEN (Fred Myrow) [New Beverly]
NINETEEN EIGHTY FOUR (Dominic Muldowney), LOGAN'S RUN (Jerry Goldsmith) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE (Popol Vuh) [Silent Movie Theater]
SUSPICION (Franz Waxman), TOPAZ (Maurice Jarre) [Cinematheque: Aero]

May 17
CHILDREN OF MEN (John Tavener), V FOR VENDETTA (Dario Marianelli) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
LOGAN'S RUN (Jerry Goldsmith), SOYLENT GREEN (Fred Myrow) [New Beverly]
NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE (Popol Vuh) [Silent Movie Theater]
OTHELLO (Angelo Francesco Lavagnino) [Silent Movie Theater]
ROXANNE (Bruce Smeaton), ICEMAN (Bruce Smeaton) [Cinematheque: Aero]
THE WARRIORS (Barry DeVorzon) [New Beverly]

May 18
BABES IN ARMS (George E. Stoll, Roger Edens), WORDS AND MUSIC (Lennie Hayton) [New Beverly]
BRAZIL (Michael Kamen), THX 1138 (Lalo Schifrin) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
MONSIEUR VERDOUX (Charlie Chaplin) [Cinematheque: Aero]
NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE (Popol Vuh) [Silent Movie Theater]
OTHELLO (Angelo Francesco Lavagnino) [Silent Movie Theater]

May 19
BABES IN ARMS (George E. Stoll, Roger Edens), WORDS AND MUSIC (Lennie Hayton) [New Beverly]
NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE (Popol Vuh) [Silent Movie Theater]
PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES (Ira Newborn) [Arclight Sherman Oaks]
TROPIC THUNDER (Theodore Shapiro) [Arclight Hollywood]

May 20
COMBAT SHOCK (RIcky G), THE EXTERMINATOR (Joe Renzetti) [New Beverly]
GOLDENEYE (Eric Serra) [Arclight Hollywood]
MACBETH (Jaques Ibert) [LACMA]
NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE (Popol Vuh) [Silent Movie Theater]
OTHELLO (Angelo Francesco Lavagnino) [Silent Movie Theater]
TOTAL RECALL (Jerry Goldsmith) [Arclight Sherman Oaks]

May 21
BREEZY (Michel Legrand), NATURAL SELECTION (iZLER, Curt Schneider) [New Beverly]
HOTEL RWANDA (Andrea Guerra, Rupert Gregson-Williams) [Arclight Hollywood]
NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE (Popol Vuh) [Silent Movie Theater]
OTHELLO (Angelo Francesco Lavagnino) [Silent Movie Theater]

May 22
BARAKA (Michael Stearns) [Cinematheque: Aero]
BREEZY (Michel Legrand), NATURAL SELECTION (iZLER, Curt Schneider) [New Beverly]
NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE (Popol Vuh) [Silent Movie Theater]
OTHELLO (Angelo Francesco Lavagnino) [Silent Movie Theater]

May 23
KOYANNISQATSI (Philip Glass) [Cinematheque: Aero]
LAWRENCE OF ARABIA (Maurice Jarre) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
MATINEE (Jerry Goldsmith), THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH (David Lee) [New Beverly]
OTHELLO (Angelo Francesco Lavagnino) [Silent Movie Theater]
SHE'S ALL THAT (Stewart Copeland) [Silent Movie Theater]

May 24
LAWRENCE OF ARABIA (Maurice Jarre) [Cinematheque: Aero]
MATINEE (Jerry Goldsmith), THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH (David Lee) [New Beverly]
VERTIGO (Bernard Herrmann) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]

May 25
BARRY LYNDON (Leonard Rosenman) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
WEST WIDE STORY (Leonard Bernstein, Saul Chaplin, Johnny Green, Sid Ramin, Irwin Kostal) [Cinematheque: Aero]

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