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Nicolai P. Zwar 

Member Since: October 2, 2000
Sex: male
Location: Currently: Cologne, Germany
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Occupation:    Killer Garden Gnome Exterminator
Favorite Score(s):    Right now, I'm especially fond of: Leonard Rosenman: East of Eaden Jerry Goldsmith: Poltergeist Ennio Morricone: Once Upon A Time In America Miklos Rozsa: El Cid John Williams: Close Encounters of the Third Kind Elmer Bernstein: To Kill a Mockingbird Vangelis: Blade Runner Alex North: Cleopatra and many more
 Favorite Composer(s):    Oh, there are quite a few composers that I like. But the late Jerry Goldsmith will always have a special place in my heart.
Interests:    World peace and sex, though not necessarily in that order.
About Me:    After growing up in a remote monastery under Buddhist monks, my only connection to the outside world were a bunch of video tapes of old Gene Autry movies and the complete episodes of The Fall Guy. Upon growing up I decided that I wanted to become a singing bounty hunter. Sadly, as it sometimes happens in life, I was faced with the fact that the need for this highly specialized profession was marginal in both the USA and Europe. Worse yet, I did not show a particular talent for either singing or bounty hunting. Today, I work as a killer garden gnome exterminator but am considering a career as a tycoon. E-Mail: Skype: npzwar ICQ: 243-733-209 (not actively used) AIM: NPZwar (not actively used)