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Holly Mitchell 

Member Since: September 7, 2008
Sex: female
Location: So. Cali
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Occupation:    IT
Favorite Score(s):    At this point in time, it is too difficult to narrow down. I had a list of favourite scores, but it was growing like the National debt.
 Favorite Composer(s):    John Carpenter, Akira Ifukube, Ennio Morricone, Elmer Bernstein, Goldiesmith, J. Williams, H. Zimmer, B. Herrmann, Brad Fiedel, Goblin, Claudio Simonetti, Horner, TD, B. Poledouris, Stelvio Cipriani and Fabio Frizzi. And beyond the realm of film music: Coltrane and Davis.
Interests:    Music, dance, gardening, cooking, wine, horror flicks, gaming, reading...and oh...films! And I enjoy Basketball, too (^_^)
About Me:    J and I have been married since 2001, and our daughter, Ayla, is 3 years old. We also have three kitties and "Ali" the lizard. I love life and all it has to offer. Bon Appetit!!