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 Posted:   Oct 10, 2013 - 4:43 PM   
 By:   Maximilien Mathevon   (Member)

New soundtrack album to get released on monday (10 / 14): BONAPARTE EN EGYPTE
You can listen to 3 tracks on youtube:

12 - Les temples d'Egypte:

09 - L'insurrection du Caire:

02 - Le généreal et l'Orient:

Release infos:

BONAPARTE EN EGYPTE - Original Documentary Soundtrack


Format: digital download
Tracks: 16
Time: 38’55
Release date: 2013 / 10 / 14


1. Prologue en Egypte
2. Le général et l'Orient
3. Les anglais aux trousses
4. Le débarquement en Egypte
5. La bataille des pyramides
6. Bonaparte au Caire
7. Le désastre d'Aboukir
8. L'organisation de l'Egypte
9. L'insurrection du Caire
10. L'institut d'Egypte
11. A la découverte des pyramides
12. Les temples d'Egypte
13. Défaite et revanche
14. Le retour en France
15. La fin de l'expédition
16. L'empire d'Orient

In 1798, general Napoleon Bonaparte left the shores of France with an army and a group of scientists. His destination: Egypt.
The adventurous campaign of Egypt with its famous battles and its amazing scientific and exotic discoveries, was full of unexpected showdowns… and it taught to General Bonaparte many lessons on the difficult subject of leading people. From military genius, he became a political genius – an asset that would benefit him greatly in the years to come…
Napoleon again! Less than one year after the series « NAPOLEON », I was working again on a documentary about this fascinating man’s life. But this time the focus was on the campaign of Egypt only.
It was yet another collaboration with director Ghislain Vidal. I had previously worked on several of his projects, including the historical series “The trials in History” (Les procès de l’Histoire) whose episode “The Duke of Enghien” featured an older Napoleon already played by Jonathan Salmon.
From the beginning, it was agreed that I would make a very minimal use of authentic ethnic elements – instead, the music for « BONAPARTE EN EGYPTE » would refer to a romantic and sweeping style, which also gave me the opportunity to be very thematic. And there are lots of themes and motives in this music: A main theme, Bonaparte’s theme, the English theme, the « mysterious Egypt » theme, the French army motif, the Mamelouk army motif …. And yet others! I really had a great time composing this colorful and sometime refreshingly “over the top” music!

More infos: … albums.php
Facebook page (like!): … 1475484888

 Posted:   Oct 14, 2013 - 2:43 AM   
 By:   Maximilien Mathevon   (Member)

You can now listen to BONAPARTE EN EGYPTE on my website. Follow the link and click on track titles to listen!

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