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 Posted:   Jun 3, 2013 - 11:28 PM   
 By:   piano632   (Member)

I would consider trading your LP's for any of the CD's on my list here (be sure to scroll down for more). The LP's (including covers) must be in Near Mint condition or Mint otherwise I likely wouldn't be interested (gotta be picky with vinyl these days). Send me a list of what you have (with label numbers and condition) and I'll see if there's anything of interest to me. Of course, I will also trade for the CD's on my want list below or sell them at the prices listed.

The Quiller Memorandum (Barry) $45
Cliffhanger (T. Jones) 2CD $40
Ravagers (Karlin) $20
Rapture (Delerue) $30
Missing in Action 2: The Beginning (May) $20
WarGames (Rubinstein) $60
Mr. Atlas (Plumeri) $20
The Organization (Melle) $20
The War Wagon (Tiomkin) $25
Glory & Honor (Broughton) $20
Stay Tuned (Broughton) $15
This Girl for Hire (Broughton) $20
Last Rites (Broughton) $20
Uncle Joe Shannon (Conti) $20
Wrongfully Accused (Conti) $15
Kidco (Small) $20
Cloak & Dagger (May) $20
One Little Indian (Goldsmith) $20
Explorers (Goldsmith) 1st Intrada pressing $30
Saturn 3 (Bernstein) $25
A Walk with Love and Death (Delerue) $25
10 to Midnight (Ragland) $25
The Lost World / Five Weeks in a Balloon (Sawtell/Shefter) 2CD $25
The 7 Magnificent Gladiators (Seltzer) $15
The Big Gamble / Treasure of the Golden Condor (Jarre/Kaplan) $12
Ghost Warrior (Band) $20
Invasion U.S.A. (Chattaway) $20
To Heal a Nation / Proud Men (Rosenthal) $20
Battlestar Galactica vol. 1 : Saga of a Star World (Phillips) $20
Jingle All the Way (D. Newman) $20
Little Monsters (D. Newman) $15
Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (D. Newman) $20
Throw Mama from the Train (D. Newman) $15
Meet the Applegates (D. Newman) $13
Extreme Close-Up (Horner) $15
48 Hrs. (Horner) $15
House of Cards (Horner) $20


Island at the Top of the World (Jarre; Intrada)
Rampage (Bernstein; Intrada)
Link (Goldsmith; Intrada)
2 Days in the Valley (Goldsmith; Intrada)
Outsiders (Coppola; Music Box)
River of No Return / Niagara (L. Newman/Harline/Mockridge/Kaplan; Intrada)
Ripley's Game (Morricone; Warner)
Sahara Cross (Ortolani; Volcano)
Le Fils du Requin (Coulias; Vogue)
Les Raisons du Coeur (Coulais; Night & Day)
The Molly Maquires (Mancini/Strouse; Kritzerland)
Home Alone (Williams; La-La Land)
Fatti di Gente Perbene (Morricone; Quartet)
Mimic: The Deluxe Edition (Beltrami; Varese Club)
Amazing Grace & Chuck (Bernstein; Varese Club Encore)
Woman Times Seven (Ortolani; Quartet)
Heidi (Williams; Quartet)
Bandolero! (Goldsmith; La-La Land)
Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome (Jarre; Tadlow 2CD)
Timanfaya (Cipriani; Quartet)
Battlestar Galactica vol. 2 (Philips; Intrada)
The Miracle Worker (Rosenthal; Kritzerland)

My email is in my profile.
All CD's listed for sale/trade are in Like New condition, unless noted otherwise.
Prices are based on listing from eBay and Amazon and are negotiable. PayPal OK.

 Posted:   Jun 13, 2013 - 10:38 PM   
 By:   piano632   (Member)

Offers are accepted, just be reasonable. Prices listed are a concensus of what they are selling for on Amazon & eBay, but I know not necessarily what someone wants to pay.

Also see my GEMM page for some other titles not listed here:

 Posted:   Jun 14, 2013 - 9:31 AM   
 By:   piano632   (Member)

FSM titles for sale/trade:

Kenner / More Than a Miracle (Piccioni) 3CD $20
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (Sawtell/Shefter)
Outland (Goldsmith) 2CD $15
Prince of Foxes (A. Newman) $12
Raintree County (Green) 2CD
Rio Conchos (Goldsmith) $25
Shaft Anthology (Hayes/Parks/Pate) 3CD
The Naked Spur: Classic Western Scores from MGM (Kaper/Amfitheatrof/Alexander) 3CD $45

LA-LA LAND titles for sale/trade:

Not Without My Daughter (Goldsmith) $12
The Island of Dr. Moreau (Rosenthal) $25
That Championship Season (Conti) $10
Airplane (Bernstein) $10
The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines/Quest for the Spear (LoDuca) 2CD
Masters of the Universe (Conti) 2CD $20
The Untouchables (Morricone) 2CD $18
Spellbinder (Poledouris)
Forever Young (Goldsmith) $13
I.Q. / Seconds (Goldsmith) $13
The Edge (Goldsmith) $13
Big Country (Moross) $50
Undead (Bradley) $5
Laws of Attraction (Shearmur) $5
Die Hard (Kamen) 2CD $40
Seed of Chucky (Donaggio) $5
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Ottman) $5
Point of Origin (Ottman) $5
Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction (Giacchino/Tilton) $5
The Butterfly Effect (Suby) $5
Basic Instinct 2 (Murphy) $5

KRITZERLAND titles for sale/trade:

That Man from Rio (Delerue) $30
God's Little Acre (Bernstein) $30
Taras Bulba (Waxman) $25
How to Murder Your Wife / Lord Love a Duck (Hefti) 2CD $30
Fear Strikes Out / Tin Star (Bernstein) $13
Elmer Gantry (Previn) $10

BSX titles for sale/trade:

Winterhawk (Holdridge) $12
Driftwood (Ross) $12
StarCrash (Barry) $13
Yor (Scott/De Angelis) $12
Lifeforce (Mancini/Kamen) 2CD $35
A Time to Die (Morricone) $10
Surf's Up (Danna) $15

QUARTET titles for sale/trade:

Shout at the Devil (Jarre) $30
Avanti! (Rustichelli) $35
Les Pianos Mecaniques (Delerue) $25
The Knack...and How to Get It (Barry) $25

VARESE SARABANDE titles for sale/trade:

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour vol. 1 (Herrmann) 2CD $18
The Long, Hot Summer / Sanctuary (North)
Anna Lucasta (Bernstein) $20
My Cousin Rachel (Waxman) $20
Russkies (Howard) $15
Matilda (D. Newman) $20
In a Shallow Grave (Sheffer) $10
F/X (Conti) $15
Cannon for Cordoba / From Noon Till Three (Bernstein) 2CD $20
Viva Zapata! / The 13th Letter (North)
Dreamer / The Scout (Conti) $20
Report to the Commissioner (Bernstein) $15
Nightwing (Mancini) $15
The Caretakers / The Young Doctors (Bernstein) $20
The Red Pony (Goldsmith) $15
The Boy Who Could Fly (Broughton; Encore edition) $20
The Clan of the Cave Bear (Silvestri; Encore edition) $20
Blood & Thunder (Eidelman) $4
Noah's Ark (Grabowsky) $4
Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain (McNeely) $8
The Robe (A. Newman) $5
Taxi Driver (Herrmann) $4
Babe (Westlake) $5
Free Willy 3: The Rescue (Eidelman) $8
And the Band Played On (Burwell) $4
Golden Gate (Goldenthal) $4
SeaQuest DSV (Debney) $4
Dead Again (Doyle) $4

PROMETHEUS titles for sale/trade:

Images (Williams) $15
Conan the Barbarian (Poledouris) 2CD re-recording $15
Wild America (McNeely) $10
John Debney vol. 2 - Class of '61 / In Pursuit of Honor (promo) $15
Jerry Goldsmith: The Early Years vol. 1 $13

MISC. titles for sale/trade:

Treasure Island: The Adventure Begins (C.L. Stone; promo) $35
Mutant (Band; Perserverance) $13
Halloween III: Season of the Witch (Carpenter/Howarth; AHI) $13
Dinotopia (T. Jones; CMR) $25
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Lewis; promo) $10
Icy Killers: Secrets of Alaska's Salmon Sharks (A. Williams; Silverscreen) $10
The Believers (Robinson; Perserverance) $10
Fade to Black (Safan; promo) $10
Hundra (Morricone; LaserLight) $7
Pranks (C. Young; Citadel) $15
Glory (Horner; Classic Records DVD 24/96)
Serial Lover (Coulais; La Bande Son) $25
Le Libertin (Coulais; Columbia) $40
Le Comte de Monte Cristo (Coulais; Trema) $60
La Riviere Esperance (Coulais; Trema) $40
De l'Amour (Coulais; Warner) $50
Les Rivieres Pourpres (Coulais; Virgin) $30
Les Aiguilles Rouges (Talgorn; Naive) $30
Feast of July (Preisner; Angel) $
Dekalog (Preisner; Pomaton) $
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (Phillips; Harkit w/Japan obi) $20
Soleil Rouge (Jarre; Universal France) $7
The Day the Earth Stood Still (Herrmann; Fox) $40
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (Herrmann; Sound Track Factory) $20 Spain
Film Fantasy (Herrmann; London) $20
Map of the Human Heart (Yared; Philips) $10
Papillon (Goldsmith; Universal France) $8
First Knight (Goldsmith; Epic) $4
Once Upon a Time in the West (Morricone; RCA) $4
Star Trek vol. 1 (Bremner; Label X)
Little Women (T. Newman; Sony) $5
Dragonheart (Edelman; MCA) $4
Jefferson in Paris (Robbins; Angel) CD single $2

JAPANESE PRESSINGS (all with obi unless noted otherwise)

Lionheart (Goldsmith; Volcano) $125 complete 77 min. score on 1 CD in film order (I think) minus the track "The Future" but that is just edited together from other existing tracks, so technically nothing is really missing
I Lunghi Giorni della Vendetta (Trovajoli; Verita Note) $22
Colonne Sonore Televisive Anni '70 (Piccioni; Verita Note) $22
QuiƩn Sabe? (Bacalov; King) $25
Cliffhanger (T. Jones) $15 light scuffs/diff. cover/no obi

ITALIAN titles for sale/trade:

Morricone 93: Movie Sounds (Morricone; Epic)
Il Ranch degli Spietati / Una Bara per lo Sceriffo (De Masi; Beat)
Ringo il Cavaliere Solitario / Una Colt in Pugno al Diavolo / L'Ultimo Mercenario (De Masi/Reverberi/Nicolai; Beat)
Sartana Non Perdona / Vado..l'Ammazzo e Torno / Ammazzali Tutti e Torna Solo (De Masi; Beat)
Tequila! / Era Sam Wallash...Lo Chiamavano Cosi' Sia! (Gori; Beat)
Buckaroo [Il Winchester Che Non Perdona] (Gori; Beat)
Quel Caldo Maledetto Giorno di Fuoco / Attento Gringo..E Tornato Sabata / La Chiamavano Verita' (Piccioni/De Sica; Beat)
Il Maestro e Margherita / Per la Antiche Scale (Morricone; RCA) $15
Revolver (Morricone; Dagored) $8 w/slipcover
Love Birds (Nicolai; GDM)
Gentleman Jo... Uccidi (Nicolai; Digitmovies)
Anna Quel Particolare Piacere (Michelini; Hexacord)
La Bellissima Estate (Pomeranz; GDM)
L'Ira di Dio (Lacerenza; GDM)
El Desperado (Ferrio; GDM)
Joe! Cercati un Posto per Morire (Ferrio; GDM)
Muori Lentamente Te la Godi di Piu' (Marchetti; GDM)
John il Bastardo (Fidenco; GDM)
Little Rita nel West (Poitevin; GDM)
La Polizia Accusa: Il Servizio Segreto Uccide (Michelini; Digitmovies)
Vivo per la Tua Morte (Savina; Digitmovies)
SuperFantaGenio (Frizzi; Digitmovies)
La Liceale / La Liceale nella Classe dei Ripetenti (Pezzolla/Ferrio; Digitmovies)
Il Deserto dei Tartari (Morricone; Screen Trax)
Roy Colt & Winchester Jack (Umiliani; Cinevox)
Quei Disperati Che Puzzano di Sudore e di Morte (Ferrio; Cinevox)
Come Andromeda (Migliardi; GDM)
La Morte non ha Sesso (Fusco/Reverberi; GDM)
Io So Che Tu Sai Che Io So (Piccioni; GDM)
Ligabue (Trovajoli; GDM)
A.D3 Operazione Squalo Bianco (Poitevin; GDM)
Uno Dopo l'Altro (Bongusto/Pisano; GDM)
Giordano Bruno (Morricone; GDM)
Tempo di Uccidere (Morricone; GDM)
Vendo cara la Pelle (Ciacci/Marrocchi; GDM)
Dov'e' Anna? (Cipriani; GDM)
Comin' at Ya! (Savina; GDM)
Odia il Prossimo Tuo (Poitevin; GDM)
La Moglie Giapponese (Oliviero; GDM)
I Quattro Pistoleri di Santa Trinita' (Pregadio; GDM)
Ecce Homo (Morricone; GDM)
Liberi Armati Pericolosi (Plenzio/Pieranunzi; Beat)
La Calandria / Il Maschio Ruspante (Ferrio; Saimel)
Per un Pugno nell'Occhio (De Masi; Digitmovies)
Una Bella Grinta (Umiliani; Cinedelic)
Toto d'Arabia (Lavagnino; Digitmovies)
Un Treno per Durango (Rustichelli; GDM)
La Famiglia (Trovajoli; GDM)
Zorro la Maschera della Vendetta / Top Crack (Marchetti; GDM)
Riusciranno i Nostri Eroi a Ritrovare l'Amico Misteriosamente Scomparso in Africa? (Trovajoli; GDM)
Sharaz / Ragan (Fidenco/Dell'Orso; GDM)
Come, Quando, Perche' (Trovajoli; GDM)
Money (Morricone; GDM)
Stato Interessante (Morricone; GDM)
El Greco (Morricone; GDM)
La Mano Spietata della Legge / L'Uomo della Strada Fa Giustizia / Il Grande Racket (Cipriani/Nicolai/De Angelis; Digitmovies 3CD)
I Lunghi Giorni dell'Odio (Tommasi; GDM)
Killer Calibro 32 (Poitevin; GDM)
Ringo il Texano (Fidenco; GDM)
Il Tesoro delle 4 Corone (Morricone; GDM)
Gli Indifferenti (Morricone; GDM)
L'Ultimo Uomo di Sara (Morricone; GDM)
4 Dollari di Vendetta (Ghiglia; GDM)
La Belva / Se T'Incontro T'Ammazzo (Cipriani; GDM)
La Lunga Notte dei Disertori (Cipriani; GDM)
Spara Gringo Spara (Romitelli; GDM)
Trinity Goes East (Alessandroni; Hexacord)
Di Tresette Ce N'e' uno Tutti gli Altri Son Nessuno (Alessandroni; Hexacord)
La Donna di Notte (Tamponi; Hexacord)
Tropico di Notte (Sciascia; Hexacord)
Sodom and Gomorrah (Rozsa; Digitmovies 2CD)
Voyage of Terror: The Achille Lauro Affair (Morricone; RCA)
Mediterraneo (Bigazzi/Falagiani; GDM)
Una Sull'Altra (Ortolani; Dagored)
Gli Eroi del West (Ferrio; GDM)
Di Tresette Ce N'e' uno Tutti gli Altri Son Nessuno (Alessandroni; GDM)
Dinamite Jim (Fidenco; GDM)
Johnny Oro (Savina; GDM)
Veruschka (Morricone; Easy Tempo)

 Posted:   Jun 14, 2013 - 9:50 PM   
 By:   PUSSYCAT, PUSSYCAT   (Member)

Email sent!

 Posted:   Jun 17, 2013 - 5:14 PM   
 By:   daystron7   (Member)

CDs received today, very fast and in perfect condition. I look forward to doing more business with you. Thanks so much, John!


 Posted:   Jun 24, 2013 - 9:08 AM   
 By:   piano632   (Member)

Many prices lowered!

 Posted:   Jun 24, 2013 - 1:18 PM   
 By:   kimdalsgaard   (Member)

Mail sent regarding these smile

Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend (Goldsmith) $30
The Core (C. Young) 2CD $25
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (P. Smith) $15
First Blood (Goldsmith) 2CD $15
The Boys from Brazil (Goldsmith) 2CD $30
The Great Escape (Bernstein) 3CD $15
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (Horner) $20

Godzilla (Arnold) 2CD $25
Sleeping with the Enemy (Goldsmith) $13
Rio Lobo (Goldsmith) $15
Secret Weapons Over Normandy (Giacchino) 2CD $15

Battle Beyond the Stars (Horner) $12
Wind / A Whale for the Killing (Poledouris) w/ corrected disc $12

The Day of the Dolphin (Delerue) $20
The Escape Artist (Delerue) $15

Iron Eagle (Poledouris) $15
North and South (Conti) 4CD $35
The 'Burbs (Goldsmith) $35

 Posted:   Jun 29, 2013 - 4:52 AM   
 By:   daystron7   (Member)

Two more excellent CDs received in mint condition. Thanks for another great deal, John!


 Posted:   Jun 30, 2013 - 11:05 AM   
 By:   edwzoomom   (Member)

I just want to add that I purchased a few cds from this member and the transactions were flawless. Everything was packed beautifully and arrived extremely fast. In addition the items were in amazing condition. Do not hesitate to buy from this member.

 Posted:   Jul 9, 2013 - 2:43 PM   
 By:   piano632   (Member)

Many prices lowered more!

 Posted:   Jul 20, 2013 - 8:49 AM   
 By:   piano632   (Member)

Italian titles added. No prices listed yet, but most should be in the $10-$12 range.

 Posted:   Jul 22, 2013 - 8:37 AM   
 By:   avalanche   (Member)

Email inquiry sent.

 Posted:   Jul 25, 2013 - 5:23 AM   
 By:   avalanche   (Member)

CD arrived safely and in excellent condition!

 Posted:   Jul 29, 2013 - 1:20 PM   
 By:   alexp   (Member)

I would like to praise piano632 for his expedited shipment of two CDs from his collection and in perfect condition.

Thanks for the offer.

 Posted:   Aug 23, 2013 - 12:51 PM   
 By:   piano632   (Member)

Now open to trading mint/near mint LP's for any of the CD's listed here. See message at the top.

 Posted:   Aug 23, 2013 - 4:38 PM   
 By:   cwtlead   (Member)

Received my four soundtracks today, and in pristine condition!!! What an easy transaction and amazing packing job. A trusted friend for trading and selling.

Thanks again.

 Posted:   Aug 23, 2013 - 4:40 PM   
 By:   cwtlead   (Member)

double post

 Posted:   Aug 31, 2013 - 4:53 PM   
 By:   piano632   (Member)

Tons of stuff added...

 Posted:   Sep 20, 2013 - 12:31 PM   
 By:   markgoddardphoto   (Member)

sent an email

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