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 Posted:   Apr 23, 2013 - 3:08 PM   
 By:   andy b   (Member)

The following list of cds are all for trade only, a purchase possible, I don’t take paypal, but a friend of mine in the UK does, so if there are any items you'd rather pay for it can be worked out I prefer to trade though. Or an amazon CA or SAE gift card

The only cd I am actually looking for is the new LA LA Land patriot Games, but I will consider other titles. Also looking for the SHAFT TV Movies on the Warner Archive, available from SAE. Or Blu Ray US/Canadian only Just Cause, Playing By Heart, Brain Storm, Altered States. Or send me a list of trades cds dvds blu rays? Crusing Region 2 edition not the DVDR version

Composers of interest Rachel Portman & James Horner

I’m based in Canada, so you are aware up front of postage.

Be aware some have UPC holes, so check first before any possible trade.


Highlander 2 - signed by Virginia Madsen
Basic Instinct 2 – signed
Star Trek Generations – signed – Crescendo
Aquamarine – signed
Bat 21 – signed
Slither – signed
Killer Klowns From Outer Space – signed
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - signed
The Descent – signed
Cabin Fever – signed by Barr only
Big Empty – signed
Halloween 3 – signed – AHI version
Friday 13th box set
Jason X – promo from Manfridini – signed
Friday 13th – signed
The Untouchables – original issue
Murders Among Us
Lightning Jack
Masters Of The Universe – 2 cd set
Independence Day – 2 cd set
Uncle Joe Shannon
Wrongfully Accused
Cohen & Tate
The Mercenary/Face To Face
That Championship Season
The Adventures Of Huck Fin
Vamos Amatar Companeros - Screen Trax edition
Speed – original edition
FIST/Slow dancing In The Big City
Sleeping With The Enemy – original issue
2 Mules For Sister Sara/Days Of Heaven
Rookie Of The Year/Bushwhacked/A Night In The Life Of Jimmy Reardon
The Scout/Dreamer
Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull
The Formula
North & South – 4 disc box set
North & South Book 2 – 3 disc box set
The Exorcist – WHV version
Heart & Souls
The Punisher – La La edition
X – Last stand - Verese
Death Wish 5
Fantastic 4
Music From The Movies Of Clint Eastwood
Up Close & Personal
The Fugitive – 2 cds
A Perfect World
Absolute Power
The Usual Suspects
How The West Was Won – 2 cd box set
Too Late The Hero – SAE version
Scarface – songs/score
Mr Destiny
The Avengers – McNeely score
Rider On The Rain
The Black Windmill
Band Of Brothers
Die Hard 2 – original issue
Death Wish
Racing Stripes
Die Hard With A Vengeance
Highlander/Highlander 2/Highlander 3
Red Sun
Mr Holland’s Opus
Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves
Secondhand Lions
Loch Ness
Villia Rides – Tadlow
Tunes For The Toons The Best Of Hanna Barbera
Tango & Cash
The Man Who Would Be King
Aviator / Hang Em High
Final Fantasy The Spirit Within
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Battle Of The Bulge – CPO version
Get Carter - Roy Budd
Letters From Iwo Jima
Remembering Madison County – More songs from the film
Funeral In Berlin
Changeling – Clint Eastwood movie
Flags Of Our Fathers
Grace Is Gone
Much Ado About Nothing
Mystic River
Million Dollar Baby
Sleuth – Addison
Sleuth – Doyle
Kinjite/Assassination/Messenger Of Death
The crying Game
Murder On The Orient Express – original issue
The Stone Killer
Villa rides/El Condor
Space Cowboys – songs
The X Files The Movie
The Accidental Tourist – FSM
The Stupids
Walt Disney Records 2 cd anniversary of Walt Disney Records
War Of The Worlds – Williams
Top Secret
Almost An Angel
The River
Black Sunday
A Shock To The system
The Sopranos
Rising Sun
Raiders Of The Lost Ark – Silva version
Philadelphia – songs no booklet or try liner
The Omen – Beltrami
The babe – MCA
7 Women / Never So Few
Monty Pythons Life Of Brian
Money For Nothing
Miss Congeniality – songs
Mars Attacks – la la
Marnie – Mcneely recording
Chicago – songs
Major Payne
League Of extraordinary Gentlemen
Just Cause
Death Wish 4/Murphys Law/X-Ray/10 To midnight
Johnny Handsome
Cop Land
Clash Of The Titan – original issue
Friends – songs
Finding Forrester

Signed dvds (these are duplicates in my collection)
on Her majesty's secret service - George Lazenby
The Living daylights - Maryam d'abo
Licence To Kill - robert Davi
For Your eyes Only - Lynn Holly johnson
Live & let Die - Gloria Hendry + Robert Dix
Octopussy - Maud adams
The man with the golden gun - Maud adams
The spy who Loved Me - Richard Kiel + caroline Munroe
Moonraker - Richard Kiel
a View to a kill - Tanya Roberts
Thunderball - Luciana Paluzzi
get carter - Brit Ekland
Looney Tunes back in action - Jube foray
Exorcist 2 - Louise Fletcher
Exorcist THIS IS A VHS TAPE NOT DVD - Linda Blair
Guns of Navarone - James darren
the exterminator - Samantha Eggar
Cars 2 - Paul Dooley
cars - Paul Dooley
Its' A Mad mad mad Mad World - Jonathan Winters
Joe Kidd - John Sazon
batman - lee Meriwether
The adventures of rocky & bulwinkle - june foray
hercules - samantha eggar
The Molly Maguires - samantha eggar
Mulan - June Foray
Highlander/Highlander 2 BLU RAY - Viginia Madsen
Grease BLU RAY - Edd Byrnes

 Posted:   Apr 23, 2013 - 4:25 PM   
 By:   Advise & Consent   (Member)


 Posted:   Apr 24, 2013 - 11:17 PM   
 By:   Advise & Consent   (Member)


 Posted:   Apr 26, 2013 - 3:08 PM   
 By:   Advise & Consent   (Member)

Top floor please

 Posted:   May 4, 2013 - 9:46 AM   
 By:   andy b   (Member)

on the fiddle has been traded

added highlander 2 signed by viginia madsen

 Posted:   May 15, 2013 - 2:53 PM   
 By:   andy b   (Member)

now traded
the wild Bunch

 Posted:   Jun 26, 2013 - 10:53 AM   
 By:   andy b   (Member)

MGM Treasury box set now traded.

If you want to buythem I have a friend who takes Pay pal, so we can arrange it that way, prefer to trade

andy b

 Posted:   Jun 26, 2013 - 2:45 PM   
 By:   andy b   (Member)

my name is nobody traded

 Posted:   Jun 27, 2013 - 9:13 AM   
 By:   andy b   (Member)

added some signed dvds for trade or sale

 Posted:   Jun 27, 2013 - 9:42 AM   
 By:   andy b   (Member)

once upon a time in the west gone

 Posted:   Jun 28, 2013 - 10:22 AM   
 By:   andy b   (Member)

rocky 4 songs + Intrada now gone

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