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 Posted:   Feb 8, 2013 - 3:52 PM   
 By:   Michael_McMahan   (Member)

I noticed that in the last few weeks, some Digitmovies titles have ended their run:

3 Westerns:

I quattro dell' Ave Maria - Carlo Rustichelli

Un minuto per pregare, un'istante per morire - Carlo Rustichelli

Preparati la bara - (exciting Django score) Giampiero Reverberi, Gianfranco Reverberi


Piedone Lo Sbirro - Guido De Angelis, Maurizio De Angelis

Kapo - Carlo Rustichelli

La Frusta e il corpo - Sei donne per l'assassino - (classic Bava! Blood and Black Lace) Carlo Rustichelli

Pensione Paura - Adolfo Waitzman

Orzowei Il figlio della savana / Il Marsigliese - Guido & Maurizio De Angelis

There are many more of course, but these are the most recent updates.

 Posted:   Feb 9, 2013 - 5:25 AM   
 By:   wayoutwest   (Member)

Thought that Rustichelli's Un minuto per pregare, un'istante per morire had sold out ages ago but maybe they did a repressing of that one the expanded score was very enjoyable.
It would be interesting to see the total number of copy's that they made for each of their cds purely out of interest to have an idea of roughly how many fans of these great Italian composers are actually out there.

 Posted:   Feb 9, 2013 - 6:25 AM   
 By:   ToneRow   (Member)

It's interesting to see how ZORRO (which was released December 2011) had sold out so quickly.

I think, wayoutwest, that there may be a larger number of fans than the number of CD pressings, because not all fans purchase albums.

Perhaps how many buyers are the numbers we'd like to see.

Curiously, Roberto Nicolosi's peplum like BATTAGLIA DI MARATONA & ROMA CONTRO ROMA have sold while Nicolosi's music for Mario Bava hasn't.

 Posted:   Feb 9, 2013 - 3:52 PM   
 By:   wayoutwest   (Member)

Think you are right ToneRow that is more than likely the way things are there has to be more than 500 fans of Italian composers that are actively purchasing a number of these cds each year. You would think the fan base would be getting slighter larger each year and maybe it has but due to the recession and the flood of the market with so many releases.

More collectors but just fewer releases each who knows wink

Some titles look fairly certain to have only had one pressing (500)
Morricone's Il Prigioniero for a score that never seems to get a mention anywhere and with no samples to be found on YouTube and few copies to be found on the secondary marketplace .

Years ago Digit mentioned about re pressing a number of titles that were good sellers one in particular was Micalizzi’s Lo Chiamavano Trinita

The more copy’s they make the better I say especially if the interest is there for fans that would still like to be able to buy a copy when they were able too.

Yes a list of how many buyers would be good

 Posted:   Feb 12, 2013 - 10:19 AM   
 By:   Michael_McMahan   (Member)

Another western bites the dust:

OGGI A ME... DOMANI A TE! by A.F. Lavagnino

They also updated these titles as sold out:


LA POLIZIOTTA by Gianni Ferrio

IL COMPAGNO DON CAMILLO by Alessandro Cicognini

But perhaps most significantly, Claudio Gizzi's double cd set for BLOOD FOR DRACULA and FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN. A truly beautiful release. Get em while you can!

 Posted:   Feb 13, 2013 - 8:18 AM   
 By:   Dorian   (Member)

I have all of these CDs except for the Gizzi double-header. Checked a few samples and ordered a copy! Thanks for the notification.

 Posted:   Feb 13, 2013 - 8:49 AM   
 By:   Traveling Matt   (Member)

Where are the samples?

 Posted:   Feb 13, 2013 - 9:49 AM   
 By:   Michael_McMahan   (Member)

Screen Archives often has samples for the Digitmovies releases. Looks like they don't for the Gizzi double header though. Here's my favorite theme from the set. It's pretty good example of the mood of both scores:

And here's a great track from the Frankenstein score:

 Posted:   Feb 13, 2013 - 11:27 AM   
 By:   JB Fan   (Member)

Yes, Gizzi's double-album is one of the greatest in my collection - I ordered it immediately after I saw announcement!

 Posted:   Sep 17, 2013 - 12:29 PM   
 By:   Michael_McMahan   (Member)

GRAZIE ZIA by Ennio Morricone is now sold out.

 Posted:   Jan 6, 2014 - 12:05 PM   
 By:   Michael_McMahan   (Member)

The recent (wonderful) western release UN DOLLARO BUCATO by Gianni Ferrio has sold out.

TENTACOLI by Stelvio Cipriani is now gone too.

 Posted:   Jun 9, 2014 - 9:24 AM   
 By:   Michael_McMahan   (Member)

Just a heads up that 4 titles have recently reached the end of their run:

STRIDULUM (The Visitor) by Franco Micalizzi (classic trippy sci-fi / horror - THE SCORE that opened my appreciation for 70's funk). Love it to pieces.

L 'IMMORALITA by Ennio Morricone (wonderful and moody score - but very repetitive. Lots of piano and strings with some wordless female vocals. dreamy stuff)

"...E ALLA FINE LO CHIAMARONO JERUSALEM L'IMPLACABILE" by Franco Micalizzi (fun but short western score. 70's, so it's got some Bacharach influence hanging over it))

"STANLIO & OLLIO: DUE TESTE SENZA CERVELLO" by Piero Montanari (I never got this - looks like a mickey mousy kind of comedy score)

 Posted:   Jun 9, 2014 - 12:51 PM   
 By:   Dorian   (Member)

I'm with you in your opinions, Michael. Stridulum is indeed a classic score of its style and was (on the old RCA release) my introduction to the music of Micalizzi many years ago. It got and still gets a lot of play (of course I upgraded to the Digitmovies CD when it came out). Jerusalem is also very good and fun and I only recently ordered L'Immoralita -- glad I did so in time.

Also, just like you, I remember passing on Stanlio & Ollio when was released based on the mickey-mousing samples which I heard. Has anyone got this title and heard it in full?

 Posted:   Jul 3, 2014 - 1:30 PM   
 By:   ToneRow   (Member)

Hey - Carlo Rustichelli's long-haired music for I LUNGHI CAPELLI DELLA MORTE is here no longer (according to Digitmovies' site - this is now sold out).

Hope all interested parties had gotten their copies!

{still listed @ SAE, though}

 Posted:   Jul 3, 2014 - 3:13 PM   
 By:   wayoutwest   (Member)

Rustichelli's - I LUNGHI CAPELLI DELLA MORTE Very enjoyable score
Ferrio's - UN DOLLARO BUCATO has had a re pressing but it still says sold out at Digitmovies site
Micalizzi's - STRIDULUM very enjoyable score but the expansion was not worth picking up the bonus tracks were no different to what was already on the original release.

Some fans myself included mentioned to Beat about our dislike of Digipaks they stopped using them then shortly after Digitmovies started releasing them ah

Many of the sold out Digitmovies cds are still available on there ebay site

 Posted:   Jul 4, 2014 - 5:44 PM   
 By:   Chickenhearted   (Member)

 Posted:   Aug 13, 2014 - 11:29 AM   
 By:   Michael_McMahan   (Member)

Eugenie - De Sade '70 (Bruno Nicolai) is out of print. Nice lounge score for jess franco film.

Spasmo by Morricone is sold out as well. Very beautiful score, you wouldn't know it from the album cover!

 Posted:   Aug 15, 2014 - 4:17 PM   
 By:   serifiot   (Member)

CDDM022 "Maladolescenza", Pippo Caruso

CDDM149 "Quei Disperati Che Puzzano Di Sudore E Di Morte" aka "Los Desperados", Gianni Ferrio

 Posted:   Aug 15, 2014 - 4:56 PM   
 By:   Michael_McMahan   (Member)

HERCULES (Le Fatiche Di Ercole / Ercole E La Regina Di Lidia) has gone recently too. This is one that I believe sold out a long time ago and they repressed it. Looks like the repressing is gone now.

 Posted:   Aug 23, 2014 - 7:49 AM   
 By:   ToneRow   (Member)

Here's my list of "Sold Out" CDDM titles @ Digitmovies.
[if an album has 2 or more titles/composers, then I listed simply one entry]

1. CDDM002 Disprezzo, Il Piccioni, Piero
2. CDDM005 Piranha Paura Cipriani, Stelvio
3. CDDM006 Leggenda Della Pianista, La Morricone, Ennio
4. CDDM013 Perche' Quelle Strane Gocce Di Sangue Sul Corpo Di Jennifer Nicolai, Bruno
5. CDDM016 Tuo Vizio E' Una Stanza Chiusa E Solo Io Ne Ho La Chiave, Il Nicolai, Bruno
6. CDDM017 Quanto Costa Morire Masi, Francesco de
7. CDDM018 Io Sto' Con Gli Ippopotami Rizzati, Walter
8. CDDM019 Tutti I Colori Del Buio Nicolai, Bruno
9. CDDM020 Collina Degli Stivali, La Rustichelli, Carlo
10. CDDM021 Catacombs Donaggio, Pino
11. CDDM022 Maladolescenza Caruso, Pippo
12. CDDM025 OK Connery Morricone, Ennio
13. CDDM026 Chiamavano Trinita', Lo Micalizzi, Franco
14. CDDM028 Coda Dello Scorpione, La Nicolai, Bruno
15. CDDM030 Eugenie Nicolai, Bruno
16. CDDM031 Piedone Lo Sbirro De Angelis, Guido
17. CDDM032 Corsaro Nero, Il De Angelis, Guido
18. CDDM033 Dama Rossa Uccide Sette Volte, La Nicolai, Bruno
19. CDDM037 Pensione Paura Waitzman, Adolfo
20. CDDM039 Morte Risale A Ieri Sera, La Ferrio, Gianni
21. CDDM040 Notte Che Evelyn Usci Dalla Tomba, La Nicolai, Bruno
22. CDDM041 Frusta E Il Corpo, La Rustichelli, Carlo
23. CDDM043 Quattro Dell' Ave Maria, I Rustichelli, Carlo
24. CDDM044 Blindman Cipriani, Stelvio
25. CDDM046 Ecologia Del Delitto Cipriani, Stelvio
26. CDDM048 Federale, Il Morricone, Ennio
27. CDDM050 Senza Sapere Niente Di Lei Morricone, Ennio
28. CDDM052 Un'Ombra Nell'Ombra Cipriani, Stelvio
29. CDDM053 Cosa Avete Fatto A Solange? Morricone, Ennio
30. CDDM054 Carambola Bixio, Franco
31. CDDM055 Quel Gran Pezzo Della Ubalda Tutta Nuda E Tutta Calda Nicolai, Bruno
32. CDDM056 Morte Cammina Con I Tacchi Alti Cipriani, Stelvio
33. CDDM057 Fatiche Di Ercole, Le Masetti, Enzo
34. CDDM058 Vampiri, I Vlad, Roman
35. CDDM059 Chi L'Ha Vista Morire? Morricone, Ennio
36. CDDM060 Arrivano I Titani Rustichelli, Carlo
37. CDDM061 Corsaro Nero, Il Peguri, Gino
38. CDDM062 Sette Note In Nero Bixio, Franco
39. CDDM063 Kapo' Rustichelli, Carlo
40. CDDM064 Gatto Dagli Occhi Di Giada, Il Trans Europa Express
41. CDDM065 Addio Fratello Crudele Morricone, Ennio
42. CDDM066 Klaus Kinski Horror Trilogy Pisano, Berto
43. CDDM068 Spasmo Morricone, Ennio
44. CDDM069 Iguana Dalla Lingua Di Fuoco, L' Cipriani, Stelvio
45. CDDM070 Soldato Di Ventura, Il De Angelis, Guido
46. CDDM071 Occhio Alla Penna Morricone, Ennio
47. CDDM072 Ercole Al Centro Della Terra Trovajoli, Armando
48. CDDM074 Sodom And Gomorrah Rozsa, Miklos
49. CDDM075 Uomo Senza Memoria, L' Ferrio, Gianni
50. CDDM076 Roma Contro Roma Nicolosi, Roberto
51. CDDM080 Figlio Di Spartacus, Il Piccioni, Piero
52. CDDM087 Ragazzina, La Fidenco, Nico
53. CDDM089 Agi Murad Il Diavolo Bianco Nicolosi, Roberto
54. CDDM090 Ercole Alla Conquista Di Atlantide Marinuzzi jr., Gino
55. CDDM092 Preparati La Bara Reverberi, Giampiero
56. CDDM093 Guerra Di Troia, La Fusco, Giovanni
57. CDDM094 Milano Odia: La Polizia Non Puo' Sparare Morricone, Ennio
58. CDDM095 Corri Uomo Corri Nicolai, Bruno
59. CDDM097 Gatti Rossi In Un Labirinto Di Vetro Nicolai, Bruno
60. CDDM098 Poliziotta, La Ferrio, Gianni
61. CDDM099 Solamente Nero Cipriani, Stelvio
62. CDDM101 Battaglia Di Maratona, La Nicolosi, Roberto
63. CDDM102 Matrimonio Con Vizietto Morricone, Ennio
64. CDDM103 Femina Ridens Cipriani, Stelvio
65. CDDM104 Blue Jeans Fidenco, Nico
66. CDDM108 Giganti Della Tessaglia, I Rustichelli, Carlo
67. CDDM110 Corpi Presentano Tracce Di Violenza Carnale, I De Angelis, Guido
68. CDDM112 Lunghi Capelli Della Morte, I Rustichelli, Carlo
69. CDDM113 Terrore Dei Barbari, Il Innocenzi, Carlo
70. CDDM116 Dellamorte Dellamore De Sica, Manuel
71. CDDM117 Cauchemars Naissent La Nuit, Les Nicolai, Bruno
72. CDDM119 Poliziotto Senza Paura Cipriani, Stelvio
73. CDDM120 Banda J.S. Cronaca Criminale Del Far West, La Morricone, Ennio
74. CDDM121 Compagno Don Camillo, Il Cicognini, Alessandro
75. CDDM123 Annibale Rustichelli, Carlo
76. CDDM125 Segno Di Roma, Nel Lavagnino, Angelo Francesco
77. CDDM127 NoiLazzaroni Morricone, Ennio
78. CDDM128 Cannibali, I Morricone, Ennio
79. CDDM133 Laure Micalizzi, Franco
80. CDDM134 Corta Notte Delle Bambole Di Vetro, La Morricone, Ennio
81. CDDM135 Ladro Di Bagdad, Il Rustichelli, Carlo
82. CDDM136 … E Poi Lo Chiamarono Il Magnifico De Angelis, Guido
83. CDDM137 Streghe, Le Piccioni, Piero
84. CDDM138 Assedio Di Siracusa, L' Lavagnino, Angelo Francesco
85. CDDM140 Oggi A Me … Domani A Te! Lavagnino, Angelo Francesco
86. CDDM141 Mio Caro Assassino Morricone, Ennio
87. CDDM142 Ultima Neve Di Primavera, L' Micalizzi, Franco
88. CDDM143 Triangolo Delle Bermude, Il Cipriani, Stelvio
89. CDDM145 Una Ragione Per Vivere E Una Per Morire Ortolani, Riz
90. CDDM146 … E Poi Non Ne Rimase Nessuno Nicolai, Bruno
91. CDDM148 Orzowei Il Figlio Della Savana De Angelis, Guido
92. CDDM149 Quei Disperati Che Puzzano Di Sudore E Di Morte Ferrio, Gianni
93. CDDM151 Minuto Per Pregare, Un'Istante Per Morire, Un Rustichelli, Carlo
94. CDDM157 Baby Sitter Lai, Francis
95. CDDM159 Cristo Del Oceano - Canossa, El Nicolai, Bruno
96. CDDM164 Prigioniero, Il Morricone, Ennio
97. CDDM165 Medaglione Insanguinato, Il Cipriani, Stelvio
98. CDDM172 Eat It Morricone, Ennio
99. CDDM183 Stridulum Micalizzi, Franco
100. CDDM195 Mostro E' In Tavola … Barone Frankenstein, Il Gizzi, Claudio
101. CDDM199 Tentacoli Cipriani, Stelvio
102. CDDM200 Zorro De Angelis, Guido
103. CDDM202 Chi Sei? Micalizzi, Franco
104. CDDM222 Immoralita', L' Morricone, Ennio
105. CDDM227 Grazie Zia Morricone, Ennio
106. CDDM229 … E Alla Fine Lo Chiamarono Jerusalem L'Implacabile Micalizzi, Franco

[106 out 261 is approximately 40% sold out]

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