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 Posted:   Apr 8, 2015 - 2:02 PM   
 By:   Francis   (Member)

Frankenstein meets the Wolfman (1943)

Fifth in the Frankenstein series and the first sequel to Wolfman, I found it worked better as a sequel to the Wolfman; The first half focuses on the aftermath of the Wolfman, with him being released from his grave and committed to a hospital of which he breaks free at night to cause havoc. The second half has him on a quest for Frankenstein in hopes of ridding him of his curse. The continuity in regards to what happened in previous movies to Frankenstein's monster is disregarded in this one. Though I read that initially they wanted the monster of Frankenstein to be blind and speak as to continue the events in Ghost of Frankenstein, but this was changed afterwards and it leaves for some odd sequences as a result. There is a finale where both monsters go at it. Though not a well written movie, I still liked this one for the continuation of the Wolfman story.

Creature of the Black Lagoon (1954)

Saw this on the beamer projected in 3D and was very impressed with how every shot is setup to get the most out of the format with some nice camera movement and objects jumping out from the screen. The underwater footage is stunning and so is the above water footage; I probably will see it again because I wasn't paying as much attention to dialogue as I was to the gorgeous shots, backdrops and lead girl which again looked stunning. The tele-lens effect with the 3D is still very cool and this movie has more 3D depth than a lot of recent 3D movies I've seen. Maybe because of the added dimension, the scares are more in your face as well and unlike the other horror icons I've seen, this one actually has lots of scary scenes. Though the monster is over exposed and not as scary when seen in full, its claw, both as a specimen and living is very intimidating. The music was interesting as well; apparently temp-tracked with earlier scores, 3 composers were brought in and it provides a good score. Though I will say the theme for the creature is used too much and becomes repetitive. Even in its early appearances, it feels over scored and I wish the music would be used more subtle. The underwater battle with the two divers and the creature has the best music. Creature is definitely a highlight out of these monster movies for me and I will check out the other 3D movies by the director. So much to see. big grin

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