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This is a comments thread about Blog Post: Talking Tiomkin with Patrick Russ & Richard Kaufman by Tim Burden
 Posted:   Jul 26, 2012 - 3:26 PM   
 By:   PFK   (Member)

I'm looking forward to the CD when available. Great to have another Tiomkin CD.

This will be the first CD in a series on film music? Any more info? Great news!

 Posted:   Jul 27, 2012 - 2:06 AM   
 By:   voiced   (Member)

No more info as yet regarding the other titles but when we know, you will :-o)

 Posted:   Aug 7, 2012 - 1:02 AM   
 By:   voiced   (Member)

A reminder that the live video web chat takes place tonight on the London Symphony Orchestra's YouTube channel from 7pm (UK time).

More info with the links are here:

If you can't tune in live there will be a recording which i'll post tomorrow.

 Posted:   Aug 7, 2012 - 2:38 AM   
 By:   Dirk Wickenden   (Member)

I'll be there, along with my best man from my wedding - he's more the Tiomkin-era expert - and we'll actually be in the same room, not just a virtual one!

 Posted:   Aug 7, 2012 - 3:10 AM   
 By:   voiced   (Member)

Great stuff, chat later then.

 Posted:   Aug 8, 2012 - 2:06 AM   
 By:   voiced   (Member)

In case you missed us yesterday, here's the recording and apologies for the odd technical hitch which were thrown in for good measure:

 Posted:   Aug 8, 2012 - 5:36 AM   
 By:   Dirk Wickenden   (Member)

Hi Tim

I think it's safe to say a good time was had by all participating, hitches notwithstanding!

Hope you are now familiar with exec producer Glen Larson's 70s - 80s TV series BJ And The Bear... wink


 Posted:   Aug 8, 2012 - 5:37 AM   
 By:   Dirk Wickenden   (Member)

Ignore - due to a technical hitch...

 Posted:   Aug 8, 2012 - 6:59 AM   
 By:   Ray Faiola   (Member)

Terrific chat. And I certainly join in saluting Olivia Tiomkin Douglas and Pat Russ for their spearheading of concerts, new recordings and, in our case, releases of original soundtracks.

And bravo Richard Kaufman for his outstanding performances.

 Posted:   Aug 9, 2012 - 9:50 AM   
 By:   WILLIAMDMCCRUM   (Member)

Yes, this was a great chat, and thanks to Tim for pulling it all together.

Newman and Tiomkin are usually considered the most 'difficult' to reincarnate and it's very interesting to see how the players and conductors handled this, and magic to learn that the performers enjoyed the challenge.

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