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 Posted:   Feb 9, 2010 - 9:04 PM   
 By:   MerM   (Member)

For those opinions that you've held but dare not express in the face of elitism, or for fear of being called a blas-PHE-mer. razz I'll start this off on an exciting note (ha. ha. ha.):

I like Glory's "Charging Fort Wagner" more than "O Fortuna."

or perhaps...

I consider the Prequels to be entertaining, perhaps even QUITE GOOD.

What have you guys got?

EDIT: Also, it would be appreciated if we demonstrated respect towards the wildly diverging opinions that are sure to pop up, and that this thread doesn't devolve into "*example score* sucks and you suck for liking it." That's what JWFan is for.

 Posted:   Feb 9, 2010 - 9:33 PM   
 By:   Jon A. Bell   (Member)

I own somewhere between 1500-2000 film scores.

Not one of them is by Maurice Jarre.

 Posted:   Feb 9, 2010 - 9:36 PM   
 By:   Josh   (Member)

Not a big fan of re-recordings.

Disclaimer: I haven't heard any of the TFC stuff yet.

 Posted:   Feb 9, 2010 - 9:44 PM   
 By:   drivingmissdaisy   (Member)

Some re-recordings can be a somewhat different take on a great theme.

Mighty Joe Young off one of Erich Kunzel's Mega Movies CD's, is WONDERFUL. It's different than the original soundtrack and can stand on it's own just fine!

I do get tired of the same stuff on so many recordings, Gone with the Wind, Moon River, etc. etc. I have many version of those along with the other standards we all know and love.

Erich Kunzel also had a few re-recordings when we couldn't get the actual CD's because of them being sold out or hard to find etc. like Space Camp, Explorers, Last Starfighter, Cocoon theme.

I have a CD from the Marion Indiana Orchestra playing titanic and music from James Dean's films. IT'S HORRIBLE. I may just put a youtube video of the audio so you can hear, it's horrible, I mean high school orchestra's sound better!!!

 Posted:   Feb 9, 2010 - 9:51 PM   
 By:   Hermit   (Member)

Okay, I'll bite. This admission is bound be somewhat unpopular:

I usually like re-recordings better than original soundtracks; particularly when a re-recording's sound quality is a marked improvement over the original version. That includes concert arrangements and suite formats and other presentations free of the constraints of the edited (and sometimes dated) film. Purists may shun me but if film music isn't worth re-recording or concert performance, then it isn't worth keeping (IMHO).

 Posted:   Feb 9, 2010 - 9:52 PM   
 By:   Mikhail   (Member)

Oh dear, this is going to be twice in one week. Oh well... this thread was GREAT FUN, and basically an exact duplicate of yours (not that I'm saying it isn't high time for a new one, or that you should have dug up such a dinosaur!):

Amazingly, I just read what I wrote well over 2 years ago, and I don't really disagree with any of my 10. I understand better now how important Goldsmith was to the evolution of film scoring, but still can't enjoy much of his music. And still think he's overrated. smile

 Posted:   Feb 9, 2010 - 9:58 PM   
 By:   Matt B   (Member)

I find John Corigliano's music to be dry, overly intellectual, and uninvolving.

 Posted:   Feb 9, 2010 - 10:01 PM   
 By:   MD   (Member)

I own somewhere between 1500-2000 film scores.

Not one of them is by Maurice Jarre.

Same problem heresmile
I own 600-700 film scores and there is no John Williams (but I like clips from Checkmate and Black Sunday - maybe this year there will be John Williams soonsmile )

 Posted:   Feb 9, 2010 - 10:01 PM   
 By:   MerM   (Member)

Sorry Mikhail, I wasn't aware that thread existed. Besides, isn't that generally Thor's job? wink

I'm reading your 10... and there are a few that I disagree with. I love cymbals personally, but I do agree that they need to be used correctly and sparingly.

Hm, how about another bit of heresy... after these last few months' worth of releases, it might be nice if the labels focused on scores NOT by Jerry Goldsmith. Or at the very least, maybe some more of his later work (preferably ones named Star Trek V).

 Posted:   Feb 9, 2010 - 10:05 PM   
 By:   JimWynorski   (Member)

Alfred Hitchcock really didn't direct FAMILY PLOT. He was too ill at the time. But Univesal demanded one more Hitchcock picture.

 Posted:   Feb 9, 2010 - 10:09 PM   
 By:   MerM   (Member)

Oh duh, one I completely forgot...

With several exceptions, I don't really find film music prior to Dr. No very interesting - and even that's not a great score.

 Posted:   Feb 9, 2010 - 10:58 PM   
 By:   Michael Arlidge   (Member)

- Graeme Revell should have finished that law degree
- I don't give a f*ck about James Horner's plagiarism
- Nico Muhly is hot
- Gustavo Santaolalla deserved to win the Oscar for Brokeback Mountain
- "My Heart Will Go On" is an excellent song
- The Intrada re-recording of Spellbound is flat and uninspired
- John Debney is an idiot for not capitalising on his success with The Passion of the Christ, and seeking out more high-profile projects
- I used to detest Golden Age film music, but these days it's my favourite
- With only a couple of exceptions, Alex North's post-60's scores don't come within a million miles of his earlier efforts
- If I ever get to Latvia, our community will have one fewer members

 Posted:   Feb 9, 2010 - 11:08 PM   
 By:   Carcosa   (Member)

Well...I think a lot of Miklos Rozsa's scores sound an awful lot alike to me....

 Posted:   Feb 9, 2010 - 11:29 PM   
 By:   Disco Stu   (Member)

I try to avoid film music of the past two decades.

And now going for maximum impact but by no means for the sake of it:
The near fundamentalist admiration of Jerry Goldsmith on this board seriously gets on my nads from time to time.... to time to time. Yes he wrote good music but come on people.

 Posted:   Feb 9, 2010 - 11:39 PM   
 By:   Suicide is imminent   (Member)


 Posted:   Feb 10, 2010 - 12:12 AM   
 By:   pooter   (Member)

I'm not really into John Barry. Shoot me now.

 Posted:   Feb 10, 2010 - 12:38 AM   
 By:   darklordsauron   (Member)

I think Jerry Goldsmith's scores featuring electronics are largely rubbish.

 Posted:   Feb 10, 2010 - 12:56 AM   
 By:   Hercule Platini   (Member)


I've no interest in Hugo Friedhofer, Leigh Harline, Dmitri Tiomkin, Franz Waxman, Max Steiner or indeed the vast majority of Golden Age (pre-50s) scores. I'm also starting to think Elmer Bernstein is overrated. I don't get SPARTACUS and certainly wouldn't want to sit through three discs of it.

And I'm starting to veer Thorwards against excessively comprehensive CD releases: they can drag and I find myself stopping them before the source cues and alternates kick in - the Sony issue of BLUE MAX is an example; Intrada's THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL is another. I can understand wanting all the music heard in the film, but not music that wasn't written for the film or music that wasn't used in the film. Especially when those alternates are very similar to the cue they used. (ALIEN's alternate score is so wildly different in places that it doesn't count.)

On the subject of ALIEN: Howard Hanson's Romantic Symphony is a good choice to close the film on; I know about the rights and costs but I wish Intrada had included it.

On CD at least, I think PREDATOR 2 is a better listen than PREDATOR.

 Posted:   Feb 10, 2010 - 3:15 AM   
 By:   Thor   (Member)

This is a topic that we've had many times. Mikhail's earlier thread is but one of many. Some off the top of my head (most of which are wellknown around here):

* I can't stand C&C releases, i.e. arranged-for-listening albums are almost always better
* I prefer rerecordings over original recordings, especially for older scores
* I don't care about Horner's occasional references, which is blown out of proportions anyway
* Hans Zimmer is one of my favourite composers! I LOVE the "power anthem"
* I like Jerry Goldsmith, but think he is vastly overrated in this forum
* John Barry bores me / grates me
* I think film music is as vibrant and exciting as ever, and I just shake my head to the prolific "everything used to be so much better back in the day"-isms around here
* Collector issues bore me to tears (availability, ltd. ed.-talk, CD artwork, cracked jewel cases, postal service issues, rights holders etc.)
* Max Steiner often goes on my nerves, as do elements of Rozsa's music
* I don't automatically think music is better just because it's orchestral or thematic
* These days, I prefer calmer, more ambient stuff over the typical bombastic, brass&percussion-driven fan fare
* SPARTACUS is a fine score, but severely overrated in this forum.
* I only saw my first pre-Brosnan Bond film a few years ago. Never been a Bond fan.
* Never been a Trekkie/trekker. Never seen a single episode of the original series, and only sporadical episodes of the sequels.

Several more...those are some that came to me right away.

 Posted:   Feb 10, 2010 - 4:08 AM   
 By:   CindyLover   (Member)


"You don't have to be English to watch this film, but you sure as heck have to be patient." - Hank Hill.

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