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 Posted:   Feb 5, 2018 - 11:47 AM   
 By:   The Omega Productions Records   (Member)

Collection "Horreur à la française" - Volume 4 (TOP-010CD)


The Omega Productions Records presents the premiere CD release of Jean Richard, "Ogroff" a.k.a "Mad Mutilator"... in double feature with Patrick Giordano, "Trepanator".

"Ogroff" was made in 1983 by Norbert Moutier as some sort of new french "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre". Shot in Super 8 and starring Howard Vernon, the result is an obscure cult amateur, non-sensical and bizarre movie filled with love for B-movies. 9 years later, Moutier came back with "Trepanator", shot directly to video and starring Jean Rollin and William Lustig. If the result seems to be better,with more money, the french madness is still present!


"For Ogroff, the mad lumberjack, the war is not over yet. Having suffered trepanation and ablated in one eye during the war Ogroff continues the fight by brutally killing anyone who enters the forest where he now resides. That is until one woman catches his eye and things get even weirder! Friends, families, kids, cars – no one and no thing is safe from the Mad Mutilator!"


"In a European dungeon, a scientist conducts experiments involving severed body parts.

Directly taken from the original master tapes from composer and mastered by Julien Louvet, the release contains for the first time ever full scores from the two motions pictures. The 12 pages booklet also includes liner notes by Alain Petit.

Limited collector’s edition of 500 copies.

- Tracklist -

01 - Mad Mutilator (Rasta Reaper)
02 - The Chase
03 - Ogroff's Electronic Suite
04 - Trepanator (Main Titles)
05 - Trepanator (Seq. 2)
06 - Trepanator (Seq. 3)
07 - Trepanator (Seq. 4)
08 - Trepanator (Seq. 5)
09 - Trepanator (Seq. 6)
10 - Trepanator (Seq. 7)
11 - Trepanator (Seq. 8)
12 - Trepanator (Seq. 9)
13 - Trepanator (Seq. 10)
14 - Trepanator (Seq. 11)
15 - Trepanator (Seq. 12)
16 - Trepanator (Seq. 13)
17 - Trepanator (End Titles)

Total disc time: 49:16

Release date: 4/24/2018

© 2017. The Omega Productions Records

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