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 Posted:   Feb 5, 2018 - 11:43 AM   
 By:   The Omega Productions Records   (Member)

Collection "Horreur à la française" - Volume 3 (TOP-009CD)


The Omega Productions Records presents the premiere CD release of Paul Piot & Michel Roy, "Il Était Une Fois Le Diable" a.k.a "Devil Story".

"Il Était Une Fois Le Diable" was made in 1985 by Bernard Launois. Also know as the strangest french film ever made.

"A zombie wearing a Nazi SS uniform terrorizes the French countryside."

Directly taken from the original master tapes from Bernard Launois and mastered by Julien Louvet, the release contains for the first time ever the full score from the motion picture and 7 tracks not including in the movie. The 12 pages booklet also includes liner notes by Rurik Sallé and exclusive photographs from the set.

Limited collector’s edition of 500 copies.

- Tracklist -

01 - Main Theme (Devil Story)
02 - Normandy Land
03 - The Boat Legend
04 - Castle Theme (Toccata And Fugue In D Minor: BWV 565)
05 - The Chase
06 - Main Theme (Reprise)
07 - Normandy Land (Reprise)

Unreleased Suite:
08 - Unreleased Track #1
09 - Unreleased Track #2
10 - Unreleased Track #3
11 - Unreleased Track #4
12 - Unreleased Track #5
13 - Unreleased Track #6
14 - Unreleased Track #7

Total disc time: 51:30

Release date: 3/30/2018

© 2017. The Omega Productions Records

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