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 Posted:   Jan 1, 2018 - 12:50 PM   
 By:   Bob DiMucci   (Member)

There were 21 releases of domestic U.S. LPs on CD in 2017. The last three years have seen the smallest number of LPs converted to CDs since I began keeping a record in 2008, as it gets ever more difficult each year to find worthy candidates for conversion, to say nothing of the lessened interest each year in recordings from that bygone era. Here is the history:

2017 - 21
2016 - 25
2015 - 17
2014 - 31
2013 – 43
2012 – 27
2011 – 29
2010 – 41
2009 – 38
2008 – 55

On the positive side, 2017 saw a number of long-desired titles make it to CD. Here are the domestic LPs that were first (legitimately) issued on CD in 2017, followed by a selection of foreign LP conversions:

American-Released LPs (21)

Bad Seed, The [previously Tsunami only] (Alex North) [RCA] {Released by La-La Land, October 2017}
Barbarella [previously Harkit only] (Charles Fox, Bob Crewe) [Dynovoice] {Relesaed by Varese SArabande, May 2017}
Caine Mutiny, The (Max Steiner) [RCA] {Released by Intrada, June 2017}
Down Twisted (Berlin Game - Eric Allaman & Reinhard Scheuregger) [Varese Sarabande] {Released by Varese Sarabande, August 2017}
Fish That Saved Pittsburgh, The (various pop) [Lorimar] {Released by Reel Gone Music, February 2017}
Harper Valley P.T.A. (James Welles, Tom T. Hall, Nelson Riddle) [Plantation] {Released by Varese Sarabande, October 2017}
How Sweet It Is! (Patrick Williams) [RCA] {Released by Vocalion, January 2017}
Hustler, The (Kenyon Hopkins) [Kapp] {Released by Intrada, February 2017}
MacKenna’s Gold [previously Tsunami only] (Quincy Jones) [RCA] {Released by Intrada, October 2017
Ode to Billy Joe (Michel Legrand) [Warner Bros.] {Released by Kritzerland, May 2017}
On Golden Pond (Dave Grusin) [MCA] {Released by Varese Sarabande, April 2017}
Palm Springs Weekend (Frank Perkins, various pop) [Warner Bros.] {Released by Intrada, May 2017}
Red Pony, The (Aaron Copland) [Varese Sarabande] {Released by Intrada, January 2017}
Revenge of the Ninja (Robert J. Walsh, W. Michael Lewis, Laurin Rinder) [Varese Sarabande] {Released by Varese Sarabande, January 2017}
Robin Hood (George Bruns, various songs) [Disneyland] {Released by Walt Disney, July 2017}
Rogues, The [TV] (Nelson Riddle) [RCA] {Released by Vocalion, February 2017}
Smokey and the Bandit (Bill Justis, Jerry Reed) [MCA] {Released by Varese Sarabande, December 2017}
Smokey and the Bandit 2 (various country) [MCA] {Released by Varese Sarabande, December 2017}
Sometimes a Great Notion (Henry Mancini) [Decca] {Released by Quartet, November 2017}
Sweet Smell of Success [previously Tickertape, Harkit, Fresh Sound, el/Cherry Red only] (Elmer Bernstein) [Decca] {Released by Verve, September 2017}
Terror Vision (Richard Band) [Restless] {Released by Intrada, October 2017}

Selected Foreign-Released LPs (10)

Big Brawl, The (Lalo Schifrin) [Victor Musical Industries, Japan] {Released by Quartet, November 2017}
Chevaux Du Soleil, Les (Georges Delerue) [Celine] – {Released by Music Box, July 2017}
Insegnante Viene A Casa, L' (Franco Campanino) [CAM] – [Released by Digitmovies, March 2017}
Io, Emmanuelle (Gianni Ferrio) [CAM] – {Released by Quartet, July 2017}
La Morte Vestita Di Dollari (Carlo Savina) [CAM] – {Released by Kronos, June 2017}
Made In Italy (Carlo Rustichelli) [RCA, Italy] – {Released by Digitmovies, 2017}
Rocket to the Moon [Those Fantastic Flying Fools] (Patrick John Scott) [Polydor, Great Britain] {Released by Kritzerland, April 2017}
Sentenza Di Morte (Gianni Ferrio) [CAM] – {Released by Digitmovies, April 2017}
Telefoni Bianchi (Armando Trovaioli) [Cinevox] – {Released by Quartet, March 2017}
Wild Geese II (Roy Budd) [CBS, Netherlands)] – {Released by Caldera, October 2017}

Gray Market CD Releases (2)

Pleasure Seekers, The (Lionel Newman, James Van Heusen, Sammy Cahn) [RCA] {Released by el/Cherry Red, February 2017}
Swinger, The (André Previn, Marty Paich) [RCA] {Released by el/Cherry Red, February 2017}

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