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 Posted:   Dec 27, 2017 - 11:41 AM   
 By:   Dadid L   (Member)

This is not a soundtrack, but yes, it's the soundtrack of a life (or rather a musical). A beautiful one by the way.

The story is now known: Legrand started writing this songs cycle for Barbra Streisand, who recorded some of them without feeling able to master the whole work – it’s at least the official version, perhaps she judged the project too risky? Serious error anyway. But a happiness for us today, and for Natalie Dessay who sublimates these songs in a style close to Yentl’s Streisand, voice and phrasing (this said without negativity, because it is very much due to the music and, I imagine, the artistic direction of Legrand).

But the music, precisely? "Orchestral accompaniment" goes well beyond the role of wallpaper, thanks to a very strong presence, sometimes fulgurant writing and purely orchestral interludes. The style is very direct, narrative. From birth to death, a film unfolds before us almost as surely as if we knew the images.

Like Williams with his new Star Wars, Legrand proves that youth vitality still animates him, that he still knows how to touch the senses and the heart while avoiding a paralysing musical intellectualization, without forgetting a certain sophistication. And they were both born in February 1932! But I would say that unlike his American colleague, while remaining in his usual register, Legrand succeeds more to surprise us and probably surpass himself. With the help of the Bergmans and Natalie Dessay's unconditional commitment, he has offered us a new masterpiece.

What a beautiful ending for this (musical) year!

"Between Yesterday and Tomorrow (the Extraordinary Story of An Ordinary Woman)"

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