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 Posted:   Dec 6, 2017 - 10:41 AM   
 By:   PeteP   (Member)

Title: Composer Hans Zimmer’s “Slow” Year: Dunkirk, Blade Runner, and Coachella

Subtitle: High-profile scores, a touring act, and millennial tears were all in an honest year’s work for the prolific composer.

From the article:

For Blade Runner 2049, Zimmer almost balked at coming on board. Director Denis Villeneuve and editor Joe Walker—with whom Zimmer has worked on several projects—called one day wanting to come to his studio with a dilemma and a proposition. “I said, ‘Absolutely no way. I’m going on tour, there’s no way I can do anything,’” Zimmer recalled telling them. The pair showed up anyway and unspooled an early cut of the film for him and composer Benjamin Wallfisch, a frequent collaborator. “We got to the end, and I was sitting at my keyboard, and I just had an idea, just a fraction of an idea, but it got the conversation going.” Zimmer owned the same Yamaha CS-80 that Vangelis used to compose for the original 1982 movie, and played a melody that eventually became the “Mesa” track on the score. (Zimmer said he even sent Vangelis a letter to see if he’d want to join the project, but “it just didn’t work out.”) Wallfisch (It, Annabelle: Creation) carried out the remainder of the duties, with Zimmer helping to finish during a 10-day break from the road.

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