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 Posted:   Apr 22, 2014 - 6:16 PM   
 By:   johnjohnson   (Member)

British distributors Artificial Eye/Curzon Film World have informed us that they are planning to add a number of titles to their catalog. Amongst them are Francois Truffaut's The 400 Blows (1959), Bed & Board (1970), and Shoot the Piano Player (1960), Roman Polanski's Venus in Fur (2013), and Hong Khaou's Lilting (2014).


The Lunchbox

Saajan (Irrfan Khan), a Mumbai office worker nearing retirement is delivered the wrong lunch by a dabbawala. Young housewife Ila (Nimrat Kaur) had intended it for her emotionally indifferent husband. To Saajan's surprise, the food is a vast improvement on his usual meal. When he finds a note from Ila enclosed with another meal, he decides to write back. So begins Ritesh Batra's exquisite comedy-drama. Directed by Ritesh Batra, and starring Irrfan Khan, Nimrat Kaur, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. STREET DATE: JULY 14TH.

The 400 Blows

Francois Truffaut's semi-autobiographical first feature stars Jean-Pierre Léaud as Antoine Doinel, an unruly young Parisian whose unhappiness leads him into trouble. Frequently running away from school and home, Antoine spends much of his time playing with his friends on the steets of the city; but events take a more serious turn when an accusation of plagiarism leads him to quit school and the theft of a typewriter lands him in trouble with the police. Léaud was to reprise his role as Doinel in four further Truffaut-directed adventures: 'Antoine et Colette' (1962), 'Baiser volés' (1968), 'Domicile conjugal' (1970), and 'Love on the Run' (1979). STREET DATE: JULY 14TH.

In Bloom (DVD)

Set in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi in 1992. Friends Eka and Natia look to leave childhood behind as they ignore societal customs and work to escape their turbulent family lives. Directed by Nana Ekvtimishvili and Simon Groß, and starring Lika Babluani, Mariam Bokeria, and Zurab Gogaladze. STREET DATE: JULY 14TH.

Venus in Fur

An actress attempts to convince a director how she's perfect for a role in his upcoming production. Directed by Roman Polanski, and starring Emmanuelle Seigner and Mathieu Amalric. STREET DATE: JULY 28TH.

Jules et Jim

Francois Truffaut's classic tale of a love triangle which takes place over 20 years, both before and after World War I. Jeanne Moreau stars as Catherine, the beautiful and unpredictable woman who maintains a delicate relationship with two friends, the quiet German Jules (Oskar Werner) and the romantic Parisian Jim (Henri Serre). The War intervenes and drives the men to the opposing fronts; afterwards, the two quickly resume their friendship, but the balance of their relationship with Catherine is now upset by more adult concerns. STREET DATE: JULY 28TH.

Shoot the Piano Player

Francois Truffaut portrays a film noir world of gangsters and intrigue, with Charles Aznavour as a famous concert pianist who leaves his former life behind to play in a sleazy Parisian bar. He gradually becomes involved the the criminal activities of the big-city underworld. Charlie is the piano player in a rundown jazz bar, he used to be Edouard Saroan a gifted classical pianist, but after suffering his wife's suicide gave up his rising fame. He's miserable, lonely and so self-absorbed that he can't see that Lena, the bars' waitress is in love with him. Whe Chico, Charlie's crooked brother, uses the bar as a refuge from two gangsters he's double-crossed. Charlie becomes embroiled in the mayham. Will the resulting events awaken Charlie's emotions again? STREET DATE: AUGUST 11TH.

The Soft Skin

Hitchcock-influenced thriller from director Francois Truffaut. Pierre (Jean Desailly) is a married, middle-aged author who begins an affair with an air stewardess (Francoise Dorleac) while on a lecture tour in Portugal. However, when his wife discovers his infidelity, she becomes consumed with a desire for revenge. STREET DATE: AUGUST 11TH.

Under the Rainbow (DVD)

Laura is still waiting for Prince Charming at the age of 24. So when Sandro appears at a party, exactly like her Prince would in her dreams, she thinks she's found the right one. But then again, when she meets Maxime, Laura starts to wonder if some Princes could be more charming than others? Of course Sandro has problems of his own : his father, Pierre, just bumped into Madam Irma at his father's funeral and this reminded him of the date of his own death which Madame Irma had predicted ages ago. Now Pierre is unable to make any plans, not with his new partner Eleonore, nor with Sandro. And Maxime has his own problems, and so does Eleonore, Marianne, Jacqueline and many others. But don't worry, in the end, they'll all live happily ever after. Directed by Agnès Jaoui, and starring Agathe Bonitzer, Agnès Jaoui, and Arthur Dupont. STREET DATE: AUGUST 11TH.

Bed & Board

Francois Truffaut's filmic alter ego, Antoine Doinel (first seen in The 400 Blows), is once again the subject in this fourth of a series of five films. Antoine experiences the early years of marriage, and faces fatherhood and adultery with a beautiful Japanese girl. Antoine Doinel has married Christine Daron. He's working for a florist, tinting flowers in the courtyard of the building where they live. Their neighbours are an eccentric bunch, including an opera singer and his wife, a man in voluntary confinement, a waitress in love, and a mysterious man nicknamed "the strangler". Antoine begins working for an American company and shortly afterwards finds that Christine is to have a baby. But here Antoine and Christine's happiness subsides as Antoine becomes obsessed with Kyoko a beautiful, exciting Japanese girl he meets at work, and becomes increasingly distant from Christine. STREET DATE: AUGUST 25TH.

Stolen Kisses

After being discharged from the army for insubordination, Antoine Doinel visits his former girlfriend Christine Darbon, and her father finds a temporary job of night watchman for Antoine in a hotel. The naive Antoine is deceived by a private eye in his first night shift, and fired on the next morning. The investigator invites the clumsy Antoine to work in his company, where he is assigned for some minor jobs, until he has to investigate why the owner of a shoes store, Mr. Georges Tabard, is detested by his employees. Meanwhile Antoine falls in love for the gorgeous Mrs. Fabienne Tabard. STREET DATE: AUGUST 25TH.

Cycling with Molier (DVD)

Two actors. One play. Can the differences between the two egocentric men be put aside for the sake of friendship and theatre? Directed by Philippe Le Guay, and starring Fabrice Luchini, Lambert Wilson, and Maya Sansa. STREET DATE: AUGUST 25TH.

Anne and Muriel a.k.a. Two English Girls

François Truffaut's second adaptation of a Henri-Pierre Roche novel (the other being Jules et Jim) is also about a menage-à-trois, although this time set in nineteenth century Wales. Claude (Jean-Pierre Léaud), an aspiring young French writer, spends a holiday on the Welsh coast with an English family and falls in love with the two daughters, Ann (Kika Markham) and Muriel (Stacey Tendeter). STREET DATE: SEPTEMBER 15TH.

Une belle fille comme moi a.k.a. A Gorgeous Girl Like Me

A sociologist researching a book interviews murderess Camille, who tells him the story of her life. Put in a reform school as a child for suspected patricide, and later transferred to an orphanage, she escaped and tricked a young man called Clovis into marrying her. After attempting to kill Clovis' mother, she fled to Paris, where she began an affair with a night-club singer. Camille has left a trail of destruction and deceit in her wake, which now threatens to engulf the sociologist. Directed by Francois Truffaut, and starring Bernadette Lafont, Claude Brasseur, and Charles Denner. STREET DATE: SEPTEMBER 15TH.


Lilting tells the story of a mother's attempt at understanding who her son is after his untimely death. Her world is suddenly disrupted by the presence of his lover. Together, they attempt to overcome their grief whilst struggling against not having a shared language. Directed by Hong Khaou, and starring Ben Whishaw, Morven Christie, Peter Bowles, and Pei-pei Cheng. STREET DATE: SEPTEMBER 29TH.

Love on the Run

The final film in François Truffaut's autobiographical 'Antoine Doinel' series, which follows the director's screen alter ego from adolescence (in 'Les Quatre Cents Coups') to the complications of married life here. Separated from his wife, novelist Antoine is having an affair with Sabine (Dorothee). When seeing off his son at a train station, he spots his first love, Colette (Marie-France Pisier), and jumps into her carriage. Colette is now seeing Sabine's brother, Xavier (Daniel Mesguich), and soon all four protagonists are back in Paris attempting to reconcile their lives. STREET DATE: SEPTEMBER 29TH.

The Last Metro

The year is 1942, and Paris is occupied by German forces. Jewish theatre owner Lucas Steiner (Heinz Bennent) has handed over the control of his theatre to his actress wife Marion (Catherine Deneuve) while he hides out in the cellar, hoping to avoid capture by the Nazis. During rehearsals for the next production, the presence of a womanising actor (Gerard Depardieu) and a Nazi-sympathising journalist cause many difficulties for Marion. Eventually, she is forced to decide between her loyalty to her husband and her love for her countrymen, and acts out her solution in the production she has been rehearsing. Nominated for a Best Foreign Film Oscar, the film also won 10 French Academy Awards in 1981. STREET DATE: SEPTEMBER 29TH.



Jon, a young wanna-be musician, discovers he's bitten off more than he can chew when he joins an eccentric pop band led by the mysterious and enigmatic Frank. Directed by Lenny Abrahamson, and starring Michael Fassbender, Domhnall Gleeson, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Scoot McNairy, and Tess Harper. STREET DATE: SEPTEMBER 15TH.

Fading Gigolo

Fioravante decides to become a professional Don Juan as a way of making money to help his cash-strapped friend, Murray. With Murray acting as his "manager", the duo quickly finds themselves caught up in the crosscurrents of love and money. Directed by John Turturro, and starring Woody Allen, Sofía Vergara, Liev Schreiber, Sharon Stone, and John Turturro. STREET DATE: SEPTEMBER 29TH.

 Posted:   Apr 24, 2014 - 7:05 PM   
 By:   johnjohnson   (Member)

British distributors Artificial Eye have informed us that in Q4 they will add to their catalog two more films directed by Francois Truffaut: The Woman Next Door (1981) and Finally Sunday a.k.a. Confidentially Yours (1983). The two releases are set to arrive on the UK market on October 13th.

Finally Sunday

Francois Truffaut's final film is comedy thriller with a Hitchcockian theme. Shot in the style of a classic American thriller - in crisp black and white - a company boss is accused of murdering his wife and her lover, and the evidence seems to support this. Whilst he is hiding from the police, his secretary takes on the role of detective and she uncovers illicit love affairs, prostitution rings and skeletons in everyone's closets before she uncovers the real culprit.

The Woman Next Door

The ghost of a tempestuous affair is reawakened when the two lovers, estranged for 10 years and now both newly married, coincidentally move next door to each other. Francois Truffaut wrote the leading roles especially for his two stars, Gerard Depardieu and Fanny Ardant. Bernard Coudray has a beautiful family and is happy with his life. That is untill Phillipe and Mathilde Bauchard move in to the house next door. Bernard and Mathilde know each other, they were once passionately in love but went their separate ways. Once reunited, the pair start a fervent but turbulant affair. Torn between their unyielding lust for each other and the comfort and stability that is their marriages, this really is a case of can't live with and can't live without.

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