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 Posted:   Dec 6, 2013 - 11:41 AM   
 By:   DavidCoscina   (Member)

It took me quite some time to warm to Eflman's efforts not because I dislike him (I own a ton of his scores) or that he didn't write a theme (he did, several actually) but his heavy handed approach (choir, big orchestra) just seemed wrong for this character. I think Horner missed the boat on this too.

For me this guy nailed Spidey's sound perfectly.

then again, it also has sentimental charm but listen to how much mileage he gets out of that 3 note motif. LOVE IT! Someone please release this.

 Posted:   Dec 6, 2013 - 11:58 AM   
 By:   DavidCoscina   (Member)

Blah no thank you! If Tyler had been chosen that would have been better...but Zimmer's music, sounds like Man Of Steel all over again.

Doesn't sound anything like MOS. Nowhere near the same intervallic relationships in the melody. If anything it uses pandiatonicism a la Aaron Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man. Not the worst thing I could imagine for a modern super hero.

 Posted:   Dec 6, 2013 - 1:01 PM   
 By:   TerraEpon   (Member)

The internet was a much smaller, much more intelligent bunch in 1990. I doubt anyone logging on to CSNET had it in their minds to see that kind of movie wink

I meant when the recent Intrada release came out.

 Posted:   Dec 6, 2013 - 4:23 PM   
 By:   Dylan   (Member)

From that one clip, I definitely also got a CNN/Nightly News vibe. A little mid-80s synth too, like "Flight of the Navigator." Not bad, really, but a strange direction to be sure. Strange for Zimmer AND "Spider-Man."

 Posted:   Dec 6, 2013 - 5:05 PM   
 By:   The Mutant   (Member)

Oooohhh! I like what I hear. Horns! Bring on the horns!!!

 Posted:   Dec 7, 2013 - 9:08 AM   
 By:   DavidCoscina   (Member)

Oooohhh! I like what I hear. Horns! Bring on the horns!!!

From VI Control Index and Hans himself

..And Yes, the snippet on the website is mine. Arturo Sandoval, Johnny Marr, Andy Page and myself...Just a demo (!) not mixed or anything. Comes from the experiment pile...

 Posted:   Dec 15, 2013 - 8:00 PM   
 By:   Sirusjr   (Member)

I'm glad that is just a demo though from what we heard in Man of Steel I don't expect it to become more fleshed out in the end. I give this one a big yawn. The trumpets are nice but the synths behind it just sound cheap, just like most of what he used in Man of Steel as backup.

 Posted:   Jan 20, 2014 - 12:45 AM   
 By:   Machionic   (Member)

From recent interview with Steve Jablonsky:

That's a good question. There was actually...I don't know if I'm supposed to say this but whatever, nobody told me not to. I did get a call months and months ago about the next SPIDER-MAN and that Marc [Webb], the director, was interested. He liked my work and that was terrific. I was all excited. I've never done a superhero movie and I know there are a lot of them out there, but it would be a great one to do.

I literally woke up the next morning, sat up in bed and went, "Oh my God, I have Transformers 4 to do," right on top of each other. I called my agent and all I said was, "Transformers 4", and he said, "All right." We had to call Sony and said, "We're sorry." They were very respectful, "We don't want to interfere with your relationship with Michael".

I was sad, but I do have to stick with Michael. They were two huge projects and they would be the same exact schedule and it would be impossible to do both, to do a good job on both if I was trying to do them at the same time.

 Posted:   Jan 20, 2014 - 12:56 AM   
 By:   WillGoldNewtonBarryGrusin   (Member)

From Horner to Jablonsky?

Webb must have been forced and blackmailed.

 Posted:   Mar 11, 2014 - 9:55 PM   
 By:   Chris Avis   (Member)

First clip from the film including what I gather is Zimmer's score...

The film as a whole looks dreadful... hard to say much about the score from this clip, but it's certainly a different sound from Zimmer.


 Posted:   Mar 11, 2014 - 10:25 PM   
 By:   lonzoe1   (Member)

Appreciate the feedback. I'm going to avoid watching any clips.

 Posted:   Mar 12, 2014 - 2:41 AM   
 By:   WillGoldNewtonBarryGrusin   (Member)

First clip from the film including what I gather is Zimmer's score...

The film as a whole looks dreadful... hard to say much about the score from this clip, but it's certainly a different sound from Zimmer.


I disagree - I think it looks great, and the snippet of the score intrigues me.

 Posted:   Mar 12, 2014 - 9:36 AM   
 By:   LeHah   (Member)

I'll admit that the trailer for this new installment was better than the entirety of the previous film - but this new clip just looks like "more of the same" bleak, humorless, ham-fisted crap.


Your mileage may vary.

 Posted:   Mar 12, 2014 - 9:59 AM   
 By:   Bond1965   (Member)

And then there is this:


 Posted:   Mar 12, 2014 - 10:07 AM   
 By:   Kev McGann   (Member)

Unique! Unlike any score we've ever heard before!!!
Can't wait! wink

 Posted:   Mar 12, 2014 - 10:15 AM   
 By:   GoblinScore   (Member)

I can't help but think we'll be using this as a benchmark for badness in the coming years....

"Remember what happened on Spider Man 2?"

Then again, hopefully that's wrong and this might be the turning point of the
next revolution in film scoring?

 Posted:   Mar 12, 2014 - 10:18 AM   
 By:   Maleficio   (Member)

And then there is this:


Oh my, basing the score on the songs written by pop stars - that's like a film music fan's worst nightmare!

 Posted:   Mar 12, 2014 - 10:30 AM   
 By:   desplatfan1   (Member)

I wish the studio had realized their colossal, expensive mistake in recasting and changing directors with this mess of a movie and brought back Raimi the way the X-Men franchise is bringing back Singer. Webb couldn't direct an action scene to save his life and Garfumble couldn't act his way out of a paper bag. Not to mention how awful Mama Gump was compared to the brilliant, perfectly cast actress playing Aunt May in Raimi's films. And now I have to look forward to a bad soap opera plot with Spidey's parents as super-spies or something that sounds like it came out of some godawful 1990s comic book?

Facepalm. Do you prefer emo Tobey Maguire crying because of Mary Jane again? The reboot is a fresh and more faithful take on the comics. They've done in two films what Raimi didn't do with three (and already setting up for more films with all the other villains like Venom -who was screwed by Raimi because SONY wanted it in the third film - and Sinister Six). And Garfield is a huge Spider-Man fan since he was three, he cried when he put that suit for first time.

How's that a mistake? Also, Singer is gonna ruin X-Men again.

 Posted:   Mar 12, 2014 - 11:12 AM   
 By:   Rnelson   (Member)

The music in that clip is just horrid. Seeing how it plays out through the entire scene would probably make a huge difference but that wouldn't change what just seems incongruous with the scene at hand.

 Posted:   Mar 12, 2014 - 11:30 AM   
 By:   David-R.   (Member)

I really, really disliked it. It sounds like they're using a dub-step score. I hope this isn't representative of the entire film and score.

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