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Adventures of Jarre Jarre 

Member Since: September 21, 2010
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Occupation:    Amateur traditional animator
Favorite Score(s):    Total Recall (Goldsmith) ET (Williams) TRON (Carlos) The Black Hole (Barry) Willow (Horner) Heavy Metal (Bernstein) Ben-Hur (Rozsa) North By Northwest (Herrmann) Sunset Boulevard (Waxman)
 Favorite Composer(s):    Too numerous - might as well ask who I don't like: Moroder and Rosenman.
Interests:    Writing, collecting Star Wars/ anime/animation/roleplaying games (not Final Fantasy or similar simulations, I mean REAL RPGs: GURPS, d6, d20, Travller, Hero, FUDGE, etc)
About Me:    eVil... I mean uPay... I mean eBay is the devil. Please don't refer me to that site. I'd rather shop at BuySoundtrax. "Collectors" are not scalpers (or hoarders). "Scalpers" are scalpers. HUGE DIFFERENCE.