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Member Since: October 2, 2000
Sex: male
Location: Bristol, England
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Favorite Score(s):    Just too many to list
 Favorite Composer(s):    John Barry, John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, Bernard Herrmann, Elmer Bernstein, Jerome Moross, Philippe Sarde, Georges Delerue, Basil Poledouris, Ennio Morricone, James Horner, Howard Shore, Wojchiech Kilar, Henry Mancini, Malcolm Arnold, Michel Legrand,Maurice Jarre,Gabriel Yared, Alexandre Desplat... This list would go on far too long if I mentioned my love for musics in the field of Classical, Rock, Pop and Jazz.
Interests:    Travel, New Zealand is the furthest I've been (or at least it's about as far as anyone living in England can travel), I've been to 44 countries so far, many of which I've returned back to, I'd like to reach 100 before I turn my toes up but I'm not in any rush ;) I love photography, art, sculpting and am very rarely without any reading material to hand. I also love my partner of 24 years Melanie.
About Me:    To my friends I'm a beer swilling pool shark...well, not quite true...okay, I admit some of the time;) I keep fit(ish) with weight training (on a really good day I can still curl 75kg but heavy squatting and benching is definately out due to old training injuries...anyone here who's done weights will probably know what I mean), swimming and cycling. When on my own I am kept company by my loyal cat'll be sad to hear that I no longer have any tarantulas....mmmm maybe not eh?!;)