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Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
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Occupation:    Biology student
Favorite Score(s):    Ben-Hur(Rozsa) + Conan the Barbarian(Poledouris) + Dances with wolves(Barry) + El Cid(Rozsa) + Henry V(Doyle) + Il gattopardo(Rota) + King of kings(Rozsa) + La califfa(Morricone) + Lifeforce(Mancini) + Marco Polo(Morricone) + Masada(Goldsmith) + Merlin(Jones) + Murder in the first(Young) + Nostromo(Morricone) + Omen 3:The final conflict(Goldsmith) + Once upon a time in America(Morricone) + Out of Africa(Barry) + Pan Tadeusz(Kilar) + Schindler's list(Williams) + Somewhere in time(Barry) + Taras Bulba(Waxman) + The fellowship of the ring(Shore) + The final countdown(Scott) + The good, the bad and the ugly(Morricone) + The lion in winter(Barry) + To kill a mockingbird(Bernstein) + Under fire(Goldsmith) + What dreams may come-Rejected(Morricone)
 Favorite Composer(s):    Ennio Morricone, Georges Delerue, Hans Zimmer, Miklos Rozsa, John Williams John Barry, Jerry Goldsmith