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Sex: male
Location: USA
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Occupation:    Cytotech/Adventurer
Favorite Score(s):    Spaghetti westerns, Blaxploitation films, Indiana Jones series, Bond series, Star Wars series, BTTF trilogy, Star Trek series, The Goonies, Lone Wolf McQuade, Krull, Heavy Metal, WarGames, Commando, , Romancing the Stone, Disney films, Somewhere In Time, Young Sherlock Holmes, E.T., Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Neverending Story, King Kong '76, CHiPs (TV), Batman '89, 70s & 80s cartoons, Hulk (TV). I love just about anything from the late 70s - 80s because they bring back special memories for me (my childhood years). But there's also nothing like a pleasant golden or silver age score if the mood strikes me.
 Favorite Composer(s):    Almost all of them, but in my collection the composers I have the most of are: Williams, Elmer, Jerry, Broughton, Silvestri, Horner, Morricone, Conti, Barry, Schifrin, Budd, and Elfman. I also enjoy the work of DeMasi, Stu Phillips , DiCola, Faltermeyer, Harnell, and the lesser-known composers Johnny Douglas, Saban & Levy, and Dean Elliott.
Interests:    Animation, art, music
About Me:    I work for LEGO and in the medical field, but it has always been a dream of mine to compose/record/produce soundtrack music. But for now, my musical interests can be classified as a hobby. :)