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Occupation:    network administrator, educator
Favorite Score(s):    Cannot begin narrowing down to a short list but they range from scores like HALLOWEEN by John Carpenter to ONE TRUE THING by Cliff Eidelman to THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS by Danny Elfman to THE HOURS by Philip Glass...a pretty wide range of scoring styles.
 Favorite Composer(s):    Again way too many to narrow down but certainly to include - Danny Elfman, Philip Glass, Christopher Young, Alan Silvestri, Elmer Bernstein, Georges Delerue, Stephen Lawrence, Richard Einhorn, Paul Zaza, Tim Krog, John Carpenter, Penka Kouneva, Gershon Kingsley, Stevan Mena, Guillermo Guareschi, Robert Feigenblatt, Dean Parker, Tony Riparetti, Marco Beltrami, Roger Bellon, Cliff Eidelman, Harry Manfredini, John Debney
Interests:    film scores
About Me:    ...just your basic film score collector who spends too much money on film scores but it is just a passion and addiction that I cannot resist... And to set the record straight, the "Howlin' Wolf" is not taken from or a tribute to the great jazz/blues legend - in fact to be honest, as crazy as this may seem given his legendary status, I did not even know about Chester Burnett until after selecting the name and then being asked over and over about a connection. I have degrees from NC State University, known as the wolfpack, and have always loved wolves and of course werewolves...hence the howlin' wolf with a logo of a wolf howling.