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Member Since: March 20, 2009
Sex: male
Location: Southeast U.S.
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Occupation:    freelance musician
Favorite Score(s):    The Best Years of Our Lives, Space Camp, Logan's Run, Becket, ST:TOS, Hot Millions (Laurie Johnson), The Amazing World of Spiders (Survival Anglia film scored by Richard Bennett), Space:1999 (series one scores), David Rose's scores for Bonanza, Bruce Broughton's TV music (Hawaii Five-0, Quincy, Dallas, Buck Rogers), Richard Shores TV music (5-0 and other CBS shows, Man/Girl From Uncle, etc., Arthur B. Rubenstein's scores for "The Wizard" (1986-7 CBS-TV adventure series).
 Favorite Composer(s):    No single film music composer. Favorite concert music composers include John Adams and Ralph Vaughn Williams
Interests:    Traveling (actual and vicarious), reading, composing "light classical" miniatures, bargain-priced plywood
About Me:    Composer, arranger, music educator.