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Ravi Krishna 

Member Since: July 7, 2008
Sex: male
Location: India
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Occupation:    Student
Favorite Score(s):    The Lion King, Lord of The Rings, Gladiator, Mulan, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Dinosaur, Jurassic Park, The Lost World, The Adventures of Tintin, Aladdin, The Prince Of Egypt, Up, Ratatouille, The Incredibles, DuckTales: TV Series, TaleSpin, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Titanic, Avatar, Alice In Wonderland, Harry Potter, The Hobbit
 Favorite Composer(s):    Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard, John Williams, Howard Shore, Alan Menken, Alan Silvestri, John Powell, Michael Giacchino, David Arnold, Danny Elfman, James Horner, Steve Jablonsky, Joe Hisaishi, Joel McNeely, George Fenton, A.R Rahman, Alexandre Desplat, Brian Tyler, Jerry Goldsmith, Basil Poledouris, Patrick Doyle, David Newman, Randy Newman, Thomas Newman, Ron Jones, Martin O' Donnell
Interests:    Film scores, art, writing, composing, photography, reading, science, physics, biology, spirituality, video games, tennis, cricket, nature and wildlife
About Me:    I've loved film scores and orchestral music since childhood, and they are an integral part of my heart and soul.