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Mike S 

Member Since: March 11, 2004
Sex: male
Location: Washington DC
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Occupation:    Mostly I occupy a chair at a desk
Favorite Score(s):    Red Sox 17, Yankees 0 :-)
 Favorite Composer(s):    Familia de Newman, Chris Young, Delerue, Kilar, Williams (John, not Billy Dee)
Interests:    Outside of being the go-to guy among family and friends for obscure movie trivia (which sounds glamorous but really equates to being a circus animal), I like to write, I like to stay in shape, I love movies of course, I like purchasing furniture and having a discussion as to where it might be placed in a room.
About Me:    What's to say that's not already written on the wall of Greyhound Bus Station #29? Small Irish Catholic family (only four kids), die-hard Michigan Wolverines fan...