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Greg Phillips 

Member Since: July 31, 2003
Sex: male
Location: Berkshire, England
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Occupation:    Working!
Favorite Score(s):    Superman, All the Star Wars, ALIEN, How To Train your Dragon, X-MenIII, H Potter Scores, Trek Scores etc etc etc
 Favorite Composer(s):    John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, some Horner, John Barry, David Arnold, James Newton Howard, W.A. Mozart, L.V. Beethoven, Dvorak, Saint Seans, Handel, Rameau, Debussey etc
Interests:    Art, Cinema, Film making, Comic books, Travel, Astronomy, Science, History, Sci-fi, TV,life, death and the great here after!!! :)
About Me:    Irish born, sensitive, open, dependable, approachable, warm, affectionate, sympathetic. I can also be funny sometimes ;)