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Occupation:    Professional Risks Insurance Broker
Favorite Score(s):    Some of them: OHMSS, FRWL, Thunderball, King Rat, Sleuth, Hellboy, The Omen, both Thomas Crown Affairs, Birth, Needful Things, Where Eagles Dare, The Incredibles, Master and Commander, The Medusa Touch, Ben-Hur, Snake Eyes, Kelly's Heroes, Lola Rennt, AI, The Eiger Sanction, The Fury, Dracula (both Williams and Kilar), Koenig der Letzten Tage, Troy (Yared), and from Morricone - anything other than the psychedelic phase, but especially The Red Tent, Humanoid, Revolver, Battle of Algiers, Casualties of War, Untouchables, Frantic, Companeros, oh all of them...
 Favorite Composer(s):    Shostakovich. Then Morricone, Barry, Williams, Giacchino, Desplat, Sakamoto, Beltrami, Rozsa, Preisner, Donaggio, Kilar, Doyle, Addison, Fielding, Budd, Goodwin and Herrmann. And I've been listening to Mieczeslaw Weinberg more than any other composer over the last few months.
Interests:    Changing motorway lanes without driving over the catseyes.
About Me:    If anyone's interested, my email address is chrisrobinson79 (at) msn (dot) com.