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Location: Wetherby, West Yorkshire, England
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Occupation:    Professional Risks Insurance Broker
Favorite Score(s):    Some of them: OHMSS, FRWL, Thunderball, King Rat, Sleuth, Hellboy, The Omen, both Thomas Crown Affairs, Birth, Needful Things, Where Eagles Dare, The Incredibles, Master and Commander, The Medusa Touch, Ben-Hur, Snake Eyes, Kelly's Heroes, Lola Rennt, AI, The Eiger Sanction, The Fury, Dracula (both Williams and Kilar), Koenig der Letzten Tage, Troy (Yared), and from Morricone - anything other than the psychedelic phase, but especially The Red Tent, Humanoid, Revolver, Battle of Algiers, Casualties of War, Untouchables, Frantic, Companeros, oh all of them...
 Favorite Composer(s):    Shostakovich. Then Morricone, Barry, Williams, Giacchino, Desplat, Sakamoto, Beltrami, Rozsa, Preisner, Donaggio, Kilar, Doyle, Addison, Fielding, Budd, Goodwin and Herrmann.
Interests:    Changing motorway lanes without driving over the catseyes.
About Me:    If anyone's interested, my email address is chrisrobinson79 (at) msn (dot) com.