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Location: Toulouse (South of France)
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Occupation:    Documentalist / Spanish and French Professor
Favorite Score(s):    For Whom the Bell tolls / El Cid / The Pride and the Passion / The Brave One / The Bullfighter and the Lady / Blood and Sand / Captain from Castile / The Mark of Zorro / The Mask of Zorro / Walt Disney's Zorro series (William Lava) / The Adventures of Don Juan / The Treasure of the Sierra Madre / Land and Freedom / The Angel wore Red (US score by Kaper) / Behold a Pale Horse / The Bobo / The Picasso Summer / The Time Machine (R. Garcia)and, of course, so many obvious and praised scores you can find in any other users' profiles so I prefer to bring your attention to forgotten or unknown scores I bump into from time to time : Journey to the Beginning of Time (original score by E.F. Burian, not the score for US release) / Kill and be killed (1962) / Bunny Lake is missing / Woman in hiding (1950 with a lot of very stunning and effective stock music by Rozsa and Amfitheatrof !) / The Singer not the Song (Philip Green - 1961) / The Persuaders (incidental music by Ken Thorne for this wonderful TV show) / Splendor in the Grass / This Property is condemned / Blue (M. Hadjidakis) / Portrait of Jennie (stunning adaptation of Debussy's orchestral works by Tiomkin !) /
 Favorite Composer(s):    Miklos Rozsa / Bernard Herrmann / Victor Young / Jerry Goldsmith / Alexandre Desplat / Philippe Rombi / Krishna Levy...and so many and obvious ones so I'd rather write about forgotten or unknown masters. Sometimes I only know one score composed by the following composers but what a score ! : E.F. Burian / Isidro B. Maiztegui (Kill and be killed - 1962) / Alexandra N. Pakhmutova (Three Poplars at Plyuschika - 1967) / Masaru Sato (specially Sugata Sanshiro - 1965) / Hikaru Hayashi (The Island - 1960) / Juan Bardem (Twelfth Night - 2001 and My Mother likes the Women - 2002) /