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Occupation:    just same dead dude
Favorite Score(s):    Reindeer Games, Die Hard, Training Day, Domestic Disturbance, Body Heat, Predator, Marvin and Tighe, Best Defense, Afterglow, Chain Reaction, The Score, Mulholland Falls, Lifeforce, Falcon and the Snowman, Don't Say A Word, Metro, Swordfish, Rounders, too many to care.
 Favorite Composer(s):    Goldsmith, Williams, Isham, Silvestri, Horner, Grusin, Mancini, Shire, Kamen, Rosza, Friedhofer, the Newman's, Schifrin, McNeely, Herrmann, Newborn, Young, Metheny, Rabin, Zimmer, Powell, Morricone, Thelemans, Revell, Elfman, Shore, Howard, Porcaro, Frizzell, Mancina, Jones, Edelman, Poledouris, Safan, McKenzie, Broughton, etc.
Interests:    collecting soundtracks, DVD'S, drawing and design and oh yes, definetly my girlfriend (now my fiancee') Yes!!!!
About Me:    I see dead soundtrack collectors! I hate emeaning accusations from people who have no idea what they're talkin' about. Get your facts straight and Get A life will you people. I'm gettin married soon, so I rule!