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Jon A. Bell 

Member Since: December 1, 2002
Sex: male
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Occupation:    3D computer graphics artist and writer
Favorite Score(s):    Star Trek: The Motion Picture, The Empire Strikes Back, Under Fire, Islands in the Stream, Superman, Altered States, Psycho, Vertigo, Journey to the Center of the Earth, The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, Mysterious Island, Planet of the Apes (1967), Patton, The Wind and the Lion, Poltergeist, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Fantastic Voyage, Hellbound, Haunted Summer, Batman (1989)
 Favorite Composer(s):    Jerry Goldsmith, John Williams, Bernard Herrmann, James Horner, James Newton Howard, Basil Poledouris, Christopher Young, Danny Elfman
Interests:    Computer graphics technology, visual effects, science fiction, film music, undersea exploration, scuba diving, world travel