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Graham S. Watt 

Member Since: September 14, 2002
Sex: male
Location: Galicia, Spain
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Occupation:    The Tiniest Cog in the Gigantic Wheel
Favorite Score(s):    From the below-named composers - The Omen, CE3K, Cleopatra, Lord of the Rings,Above and Beyond, Toys in the Attic, Forever Amber, Ivanhoe, The Enforcer, Enter the Dragon... ZigZag (Nelson), plus unreleased things by MellĂ© (The Sentinel) and Kirchin (The Mutations)... also "one-offs" such as Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Zeitlin).
 Favorite Composer(s):    J. Goldsmith, J. Williams, A. North, L. Rosenman, H. Friedhofer, G. Duning, D. Raksin, J. Fielding, M. Rozsa, L. Schifrin... also special affection for mavericks from jazz, especially Oliver Nelson, Gil MellĂ© and the wild and wonderful Basil Kirchin.
Interests:    Film music (the old scores), horror films (the old ones, especially from Universal and Hammer), mountain climbing (increasingly horizontal), wine tasting (increasingly horizontal), SF novels, H.P. Lovecraft, long walks, local history piecing together old maps...
About Me:    Born 1961, Scotland. Graduated 1986. Worked four years in London. Came to Spain in 1990 "for one year". Still here.