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Member Since: April 23, 2002
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Occupation:    No.1 Toliet cleaner at Universal Pictures.
Favorite Score(s):    CEOTK, Superman, E.T., A.I. Jaws, Towering Inferno, TESB, Dances with Wolves, Doppleganger, Empire of the Sun, Star Trek, Star Trek 5.
 Favorite Composer(s):    john williams, john barry, and jerry goldsmith
Interests:    NONE, just cleaning toliets at Universal, and just being a freaking pest on FSM. Watch maw, paw here comes nuther twister, let me put sum mo tires on top of da double wide. hee haw.
About Me:    When Prop 8 is reversed. I am sending for my B/F, THOR and we is getting Married. What we truly need, after we's gets married, is things for our Trailer. Thor I love you!! U are my main squeeze.