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Occupation:    English teacher
Favorite Score(s):    e-mail: mouse.ducks {at}
 Favorite Composer(s):    Goldsmith & Williams, Broughton, Elfman, Horner, Zimmer; Poledouris, Barry, Jarre, ...
Interests:    Literature (classics; also Crichton, King, Asimov, ...). Movies (Spielberg, Disney, Burton, Eastwood, Hitchcock, Donner, Cameron, ...) Disney comics (Gottfredson, Taliaferro, Barks, Rosa, Van Horn, ...), comics (Moore, Gaiman, ..), and some French "bandes dessinées" (comics) (Blake et Mortimer, Lucky Luke, Astérix, Ric Hochet, Chick Bill, ...)
About Me:    Born in 1974. My first soundtrack albums (vinyls!) were "E.T.", "Gremlins", and "Batman"-- a pretty good start, I think. ;) I do like classical music (esp the Strauss family, Mozart, Wagner), but mainly (99.9999%) listen to film music. Member of the Disney comics Mailing List and the message boards on Jerry Goldsmith On-Line, Intrada, and The Disney Comics Forum