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Occupation:    LAX Airport Operations
Favorite Score(s):    The Black Hole-John Barry Superman-John Williams Superman II,III-Ken Thorne Star Trek TOS-Alexander Courage Superman IV-Alexander Courage Batman/Batman Returns-Danny Elfman Karate Kid Trilogy-Bill Conti The Boys From Brazil-Jerry Goldsmith Star Trek The Motion Picture-Jerry Goldsmith Star Trek V: The Final Frontier-Jerry Goldsmith Star Trek II, III-James Horner Planet of the Apes-Jerry Goldsmith Planet of the Apes (remake) Danny Elfman The Blob-Michael Honeig The Poseidon Adventure-John Williams SpaceBalls-John Morris Back To the Future Trilogy-Alan Silvestri Super Mario Bros.-Alan Silvestri The Time Machine-Russell Garcia Beneath the Planet of the Apes-Leonard Roseman Star Trek 2009-Michael Giacchino Dark Knight-Hans Zimmer/James Newton Howard The Monster Squad- WarGames-Arthur Rubinstein Killer Klowns From Outer Space-John Massari Home Alone-John Williams Star Wars Trilogy-John Williams ANYTHING John Williams Independence Day-David Arnold Alien-Jerry Goldsmith Aliens-James Horner Alien Ressurection-John Frizzell Ghostbusters II-Randy Eldeman Ghostbusters-Elmer Bernstein Stripes-Elmer Bernstein Aladdin(Disney) Volcano-Alan Silvestri Journey To The Center of the Earth-Bernard Hermann Lord of the Rings Trilogy Lethal Weapon etc etc etc etc etc etc........... ;)
 Favorite Composer(s):    John Williams James Horner Jerry Goldsmith John Barry David Newman Dennis McCarthy Bill Conti Alan Silvestri Michael Giacchino Ron Jones Ken Thorne Alexander Courage Elmer Bernstein Danny Elfman Arthur Rubinstein Russell Garcia Miklos Rosza Brian Tyler Cliff Eldelman John Massari Elliot Goldenthal Fred Steiner Haim Saban & Skuki Levy Harald Kloser and Thomas Wander Jay Chattaway Jay Gruska John Carpenter John Ottman Leonard Rosenman Mark Snow Louis Febre Marc Shaiman Marius Constant Mark Mancina John Scott Shirley Walker ...and again so many more
Interests:    Star Trek Superman Ghostbusters SciFi Pipe Organs videogames travel etc etc etc Comicbooks Pipe Organs classical music Film Music video games computers girls Back To the Future Alien Green Lantern Honda Michael Jackson Hanging out Traveling drinking ...and once again so many more!
About Me:    A film music and SciFi nut who loves old shows, movies, games, etc.