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Upcoming Movies and Their Composers

Compiled by the FSM Staff

Updated 5/00


Mark Adler The Apartment Complex, Sterling Chase.

Eric Allaman Breakfast With Einstein, The Last Act, Is That All There Is? One Kill (Anne Heche, Eric Stoltz).

John Altman Beautiful Joe, Town and Country (Warren Beatty), Vendetta (HBO, d. Nicholas Meyer).

David Arnold Shaft.


BT Under Suspicion.

Angelo Badalamenti Birthday Girl, A Story of a Bad Boy (co-composed with Chris Hajian), Forever Mine.

Rick Baitz Life Afterlife (HBO feature documentary).

Lesley Barber You Can Count on Me, History of Luminous Motion.

Nathan Barr Venus and Mars (Disney), Hair Shirt (Neve Campbell), Hangman's Daughter, Red Dirt.

Tyler Bates Beyond City Limits, Get Carter (Sylvester Stallone).

Christophe Beck The Broken Hearts League, Cheer Fever, Coming Soon (Mia Farrow).

Marco Beltrami Squelch (d. John Dahl), The Crow 3: Salvation, Texas Rangers.

Edward Bilous Minor Details, Mixing Mia.

Chris Boardman Bruno (d. Shirley MacLaine).

T. Bone Burnett O Brother Where Art Thou.

Simon Boswell Alien Love Triangle, The Debtors (Michael Caine, Randy Quaid).

Christopher Brady Castle in the Sky (Disney animated), Hal's Birthday.

Michael Brook Getting to Know You, Crime & Punishment in Suburbia, Tart.

Paul Buckmaster Mean Street.

Carter Burwell Before Night Falls (Johnny Depp).


Sam Cardon Olympic Glory, Return to the Secret Garden.

Wendy Carlos Woundings.

Gary Chang Locked in Silence (Showtime).

Stanley Clarke Marciano.

George S. Clinton Sordid Lives.

Elia Cmiral The Wishing Tree (Showtime), Six Pack (French).

Serge Colbert Red Tide (Casper Van Dien).

Michel Colombier Dark Summer, Pros and Cons, Screwed.

Eric Colvin Model Behavior.

Bill Conti Inferno (Jean-Claude Van Damme).

Stewart Copeland Made Men (independent), Sunset Strip, Boys and Girls (Freddie Prinze, Jr.).

D, E

Jeff Danna O (modern-day telling of Othello).

Mychael Danna Bounce (B. Affleck).

Carl Davis The Great Gatsby (A&E).

Don Davis Gabriel's Run (TV).

John Debney Jordan: To the Max (Michael Jordan IMAX movie), The Replacements (Keanu Reeves, Gene Hackman), Relative Values.

Joe Delia Tao of Steve, Time Served, Ricky 6, Fever.

Patrick Doyle Never Better; Love's Labours Lost (Kenneth Branagh, musical comedy).

Anne Dudley The Body, Monkeybone, The Bacchae.

Randy Edelman The Gelfin, Passion of Mind, Shanghai Noon.

Steve Edwards Cowboys and Angels, Luck of the Draw (Dennis Hopper).

Danny Elfman The Gift.

Evan Evans Tripfall (Eric Roberts, John Ritter), Newsbreak (Michael Rooker, Judge Reinhold).


Shayne Fair & Larry Herbstritt Tequila Bodyshot.

George Fenton Numbers (d. Nora Ephron, starring John Travolta).

Allyn Ferguson Back to the Secret Garden (German theatrical, Hallmark release).

David Findlay Dead Silent (Rob Lowe).

Frank Fitzpatrick Lani Loa (Zoetrope).

Nathan Fleet First Time Caller (d. Alessandro Zavaglia, romantic comedy).

Claude Foisy 2001: A Space Travesty (Leslie Nielsen).

Ruy Folguera Picking Up the Pieces (Woody Allen, Sharon Stone).

David Michael Frank The Last Patrol.

Rhys Fulver Delivery.


Craig Stuart Garfinkle Gabriella.

Richard Gibbs Queen of the Damned.

Jerry Goldsmith The Hollow Man (d. Paul Verhoeven).

Joel Goldsmith Witchblade, Chameleon 3.

Adam Gorgoni Roads and Bridges (exec. prod. Robert Altman), Candyman 3: Day of the Dead, Extreme Alaska.

Mark Governor Blindness (d. Anna Chi).

Stephen Graziano Herman, U.S.A.

Harry Gregson-Williams Earl Watt (Pate Bros.).

Ed Grenga Catalina Trust (d. Will Conroy).

Andrew Gross Viva Las Nowhere (James Caan), Unglued (Linda Hamilton).

Larry Groupe Sleeping With the Lion, Four Second Delay, Peter York, The Contender (Joan Allen, Gary Oldman), Gentleman B.

Jay Gruska Belly Fruit.

H, I

Richard Hartley Peter's Meteor, Mad About Mambo, Victory.

Chris Hajian Naked States (feature documentary), Raw Nerve, Yonkers Joe.

Todd Hayen The Crown, The Last Flight.

John Hills Abilene.

Peter Himmelman A Slipping-Down Life (Guy Pearce, Lili Taylor).

Lee Holdridge Family Plan (Leslie Nielsen), No Other Country, Africa.

James Horner The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (Jim Carrey), The Perfect Storm.

Richard Horowitz Pavilion of Women.

James Newton Howard Atlantis (Disney animated feature), Treasure Planet (Disney animated feature) Unbreakable (Bruce Willis, Julianne Moore), The Vertical Limit (Chris O'Donnell).

Steven Hufsteter Mascara.

David Hughes & John Murphy Chain of Fools, Mary Jane's Last Dance.

Frank Ilfman Intruder.

Pat Irwin But I'm a Cheerleader.

Mark Isham Imposter (Miramax, d. Gary Fleder), Navy Divers (Robert De Niro).


Maurice Jarre Sunshine (Ralph Fiennes).

Adrian Johnston Old New Borrowed Blue, The House of Mirth (Gillian Anderson).

Trevor Jones Frederic Wilde,13 Days, From Hell, The Long Run.

Benoit Jutras Journey of Man (IMAX).


Jan A.P. Kaczmarek Lost Souls.

Camara Kambon 2Gether, The White River Kid (Antonio Banderas).

Michael Kamen X-Men (d. Bryan Singer).

Laura Karpman Annihilation of Fish.

Brian Keane The Babe Ruth Story (HBO).

Rolfe Kent Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Anthony Edwards).

Gary Koftinoff Forgive Me Father.


Kenneth Lampl Fight the Good Fight (Burt Young, d. Bret Carr), Games Without Frontiers (John Mulcahy, d. David Knappe), The Tour (d. Tim Joyce).

Nathan Larson Tigerland (d. Joel Schumacher).

Russ Landau One Hell of a Guy, Waylon & Buzz.

Brian Langsbard First of May (independent), Frozen (Trimark).

Daniel Lanois All the Pretty Horses.

Chris Lennertz Lured Innocence (Dennis Hopper, Talia Shire), Pride of the Amazon (animated musical).

Michael A. Levine The End of the Road (d. Keith Thomson), The Lady With the Torch (Glenn Close, d. David Heeley).

Christopher Libertino Spin the Bottle (d. Andrew Michael Pascal).

Hal Lindes Lucky 13.

Frank London On the Run, Sancta Mortale, The First Seven Years.

Martyn Love The Venus Factory (Australia).

John Lurie The Crew, Animal Factory.

Evan Lurie Happy Accidents, The Whole She-Bang.


Mader Row Your Boat, Claudine's Return, Morgan's Ferry (Kelly McGillis), Steal This Movie.

Hummie Mann Thomas and the Magic Railroad, Good Night Joseph Parker (Paul Sorvino), A Thing of Beauty, After the Rain.

David Mansfield Songcatcher, The Gospel of Wonders (Mexico, d. Arturo Ripstein).

Lee Marchitelli Iris Blonde (Miramax).

Anthony Marinelli Slow Burn (Minnie Driver, James Spader), Fifteen Minutes (Robert De Niro, Ed Burns).

Gary Marlowe Framed, Mondschatten (Moonlight Shadow, d. Robby Porschen).

Jeff Marsh Burning Down the House, Wind River (Karen Allen).

Phil Marshall Rupert's Land, Gotta Dance, Kiss Toledo Goodbye, Temptation.

Brice Martin Poor Mister Potter, Saving the Endangered Species, Down but Not Out: Living in Chronic Pain, The Girls Room.

Cliff Martinez Wicked (d. Michael Steinberg).

John Massari 1947, Breathing Hard.

John McCarthy Boy Meets Girl.

Stuart McDonald Diaries of Darkness.

Mark McKenzie Dragonheart 2.

Gigi Meroni The Good Life (Stallone, Hopper), The Others, The Last Big Attractions.

Cynthia Millar Brown's Requiem.

Marcus Miller The Ladies Man.

Randy Miller Picture of Priority (independent), Family Tree (Warner Bros.), Pirates of the Plain (Tim Curry).

Sheldon Mirowitz Say You'll Be Mine (Justine Bateman), Autumn Heart (Ally Sheedy), Legacy.

Fred Mollin Pilgrim (Tim Truman).

Deborah Mollison The Boys of Sunset Ridge (indie feature), Simon Magus (Samuel Goldwyn), The Thing About Vince.

Tom Morse Michael Angel.

Mark Mothersbaugh Camouflage, Sugar & Spice (New Line), Rugrats Paris: The Movie, Rocky & Bullwinkle (Jason Alexander, Robert De Niro).

Jennie Muskett 100 Girls.

N, O

David Newman Nutty Professor II:The Klumps, Duets (Gwyneth Paltrow), Bedazzled, The Affair of the Necklace.

Michael Nyman Kingdom Come, Wonderland.

John Ottman Urban Legend: Final Cut.


Van Dyke Parks Trade Off, Harlan County, The Ponder Heart.

Shawn Patterson Herd, Tales From the Goose Lady, Magic Trixie.

Jean-Claude Petit Messieurs les Enfants, Sarabo, Sucre Amer.

Basil & Zoe Poledouris Cecil B. Demented (John Waters).

Nicholas Pike Delivered.

Nicola Piovani Running Free.

Robbie Pittelman A Killing, The Dry Season (independent).

Michael Richard Plowman The Hot Karl.

John Powell Fresh Horses (DreamWorks), Chicken Run, Outpost, Le Visitor.

Jonathan Price Rustin (indie drama), Dog Story (action).


Trevor Rabin Whispers (Disney), Coyote Ugly.

Robert O. Ragland Lima: Breaking the Silence.

Kennard Ramsey Trick Baby.

Alan Reeves To Walk With Lions, Ocean Oasis.

Graeme Revell Titan A.E., Red Planet.

David Reynolds Warlock (sequel), George B, Love Happens.

William Richter Social Misfits, The Broken Machine.

Stan Ridgway Error in Judgment (d. Scott Levy), Spent (d. Gil Cates Jr.).

J. Peter Robinson Waterproof.

Jeff Rona The In Crowd.

Marius Ruhland Anatomy.

David G. Russell The Nest, Wicked Spring. White Bread (Jenny McCarthy) Black Scorpion: The Series (exec. prod. Roger Corman).


Craig Safan Delivering Milo.

Richard Savage A Whole New Day.

Lalo Schifrin Jack of All Trades.

Gaili Schoen Deja Vu (independent).

David Schwartz The Little Assassin.

John Scott Shergar, The Long Road Home, Married 2 Malcolm (U.K. comedy).

Ilona Sekacz Salomon and Gaenor.

Patrick Seymour Simian Line (William Hurt).

Marc Shaiman One Night at McCool's, Getting Over Allison, The Emperor's New Groove (Disney animated), Jackie's Back (Lifetime Network).

Theodore Shapiro Girlfight (Sundance Grand Jury Prize), State and Main.

Mike Shapiro All Over Again (indie drama).

Shark The Spreading Ground (Dennis Hopper), Surf Shack.

James Shearman The Misadventures of Margaret.

Edward Shearmur Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her (Cameron Diaz).

Howard Shore The Yards.

Lawrence Shragge Frontline (Showtime).

Alan Silvestri What Lies Beneath (Harrison Ford, Michelle Pfeiffer, d. Robert Zemeckis), Cast Away (Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt, d. Zemeckis), Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Box (IMAX documentary).

Marty Simon Captured.

Michael Skloff Cherry Pink (d. Jason Alexander).

Mike Slamer & Rich McHugh Shark in a Bottle.

Michael Small Elements (Rob Morrow).

BC Smith Mercy (Peta Wilson).

Neil Smolar The Silent Cradle, Treasure Island, A Question of Privilege, Deadly Arrangement.

Darren Solomon Lesser Prophets (John Turturro).

William Stromberg Other Voices (comedy).

Mark Suozzo Sound and Fury, Well-Founded Fear.

T, V

Michael Tavera One Special Delivery (Penny Marshall).

Stephen James Taylor Blessed Art Thou, John Henry.

Joel Timothy Waiting for the Giants.

Raymond Torres-Santos Richport, Millennium, Menudo...My Loving Years.

Colin Towns Vig.

Ernest Troost Beat (Courtney Love).

Brian Tyler Panic (William Macy, Neve Campbell), Shadow Hours, Terror Tract, A Night in Grover's Mill, The Forbidden City (d. Lance Mungia), Four Dogs Playing Poker (Tim Curry, Forest Whitaker).

Bruce Turgon Night Club.

Chris Tyng Bumblebee Flies Away, 7 Girlfriends.

Joseph Vitarelli Sports Pages (d. Richard Benjamin).

W, Y, Z

Michael Wandmacher Supercop 2 (Michelle Yeoh), Farewell, My Love, Drunken Master 2 (Jackie Chan).

Stephen Warbeck Pavarotti in Dad's Room, Dance, Quills.

Joey Waronker (drummer for Beck, REM) Chuck & Buck.

Don Was American Road (IMAX).

Mark Watters Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein, Tom Sawyer.

Wendy & Lisa The Third Wheel (Ben Affleck).

Michael Whalen Slay the Dreamer, Vlad, Lost Liners (PBS special).

Alan Williams Angels in the Attic, Princess and the Pea (animated feature, score and songs; lyrics by David Pomeranz), Who Gets the House (romantic comedy), Santa and Pete (Hume Cronin, James Earl Jones), Going Home (Jason Robards).

John Williams The Patriot.

Debbie Wiseman Tom's Midnight Garden, The Lighthouse, The Guilty.

Gabriel Yared Lisa.

Christopher Young Bless the Child, The Glass House.

Hans Zimmer Hannibal (Silence of the Lambs sequel).

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